Hi and welcome, dear soul seeker!


My name is Kristine Einang. I’m a passionate channel, clearcognizant, writer, and soul coach. I’m also a certified Master NLP Coach & Lifestyle coach. Personality wise, I’m very calm, gentle, sensitive, passionate, and I find excitement in things others might find boring. You know, like reading a book, meditate three times a day, studying new and ancient spiritual truths, and everything in between… Being an empath, old soul, and INFJ might help you answer why, haha!

A few months ago I moved from Norway to Florida with Anthony, my twin flame, best friend, and husband. Together we’ve created the most magical, safe, and loving home. A space in which creativity flows freely and joy is abundant.

I’m find so much joy and fulfillment within the gift of helping and guiding beautiful souls like yourself, to find your life purpose, deepen your connection with your Highest Self, and simply lead a life filled with love, excitement, and meaning! Knowing I get to guide you towards a fulfilling life, makes me fulfilled!

I’m so grateful to be exactly where I am today – as a result of a great amount of love, and fear, depression and wins, disappointments and personal successes; such as writing my very first book! Because ALL those experiences – good and bad – has brought me HERE; to a life of fulfillment where I get to connect with and help a bunch of amazing souls!!!

The thing about being a healthy spiritual being, is not to be positive all the time, but to be GRATEFUL for all the gifts in our lives (even the ones we do NOT yet look at as “the good ones”), to be self-aware and self-loving, to accept all parts of ourselves, and to continuously grow on our spiritual journey.

I’ve never been happier and more at peace with who I am and where I’m at spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It feels incredibly fulfilling to be able to help others change their lives, by learning to accept and work with their uniqueness, just like I’ve done.

Remember, there’s no such thing as good or bad, everything comes from the source of love. Love just so happen to come in different levels and forms to teach us what we need to overcome and learn in this exact lifetime. The “bad” parts of your life, has been equally important for your soul’s growth, as the “good” parts of your life.

Why I do what I do


First of all –  I do it to spread LOVE and AWARENESS out into this three-dimensional world we’ve been taught to believe is the only reality. When we start to look inwards and become a lot more self-aware, we realise – quite quickly  – that what we’ve been taught to believe is FAR from the truth! There’s a WHOLE world “out there” (or should I say “in there”, haha) we’ve yet to see! An abundant world, a timeless world, a free world, a loving world, a world where we live on for eternity without any limitations and fears!

My mission is to make this planet as full of LOVE as I can, while I’m still blessed to be in it! The first step I had to take, in order to make that happen, was to learn how to accept my hyper sensitivity and my psychic gift. The part of me that made me so very different from the rest. The funny thing though, is that it was this part that made me who I am, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

I want to help, inspire, heal, and guide others like myself – who really DESIRE to make a difference – but seem to be stuck due to their sensitivity, or low vibrational programming. I want us to stay strong together and use our uniquenesses (sensitivity) to spread love, consciousness, and awareness all over the globe, as a soul tribe! We’re in this together!

I spend hours upon hours, everyday, to create & channel the best and most genuine work for my readers and clients. When I serve, I do it from the depths of my soul. You’ll only get the most authentic me – always!

The reason I spend all these hours creating content and serving my clients is simply because it sets my soul on FIRE! I really love what I do and can easily call it my purpose! Lastly, I want you, my reader, to FEEL something every time you visit this Sacred Space, read my work, or get a guided reading.  And to do that, I have to give it my all!

One of my biggest dreams and desires in this lifetime is to help people who can’t help me back. The best feeling in the world – to me – is to watch someone else light up and feel better after meeting me! I want to CHANGE their lives forever! From a great amount of the commission I earn by creating from my heart, I will help these individuals and groups become healthier, wiser, and most importantly, I want them to know and feel what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is all about! 

I say this to you, because I know my readers are souls with BIG hearts! Empaths and sensitive souls are the ones who I really have faith in when it comes to helping me on this soul mission! By making ONE person happier every day, we help lift the frequency of the universe just a little higher – and that’s a pretty good start!

Always think to yourself: “What can I do today to change myself? What can I do tomorrow to change the lives of others? And how can I use my lifetime long wisdom and passion to impact and “shake” the world at large? …With that mindset, you WILL help change the world!!!

This world is all about LOVE, and it’s time you and I start spreading that message and show it wherever we go, to whomever we meet! I believe we can do some really AMAZING things together once we start operating from a space of love and oneness! But remember: it all starts with loving OURSELVES first! 

If you have questions about my readings, my book, my articles, or simply want to give me a heads up about anything at all, please don’t hesitate getting in contact with me! I would love to hear from you<3

My email is: contact@kristineeinang.com

Ps. to get a heads up whenever I have a new article out for you – say hi on my Facebook HERE! and on my Instagram HERE! I’m active multiple times a day!