How I Grew My Hair Out With A Natural Remedy

I’ve found THE best way for groing out my hair, and I’ve tried a lot of different things like “hair growth pills”, eating more of this or that, shampoos to trigger the scalp, massaging the scalp for x amount of minutes a day… The list goes on. But this last trick that I found really works wonders and it works FAST! I’ve only tried it twice and have already gotten compliments!

Only do this treatment once a month, so you don’t over stimulate your scalp. But really, all you need is a one or two time treatment and you’ll see results! Here’s how to do it: 

💛 Get your dropper bottle ready, so you can put the serum inside there for easiest and best application.

💛 2 table spoons of Castor oil HERE! (increases hair growth by 3-5 times and repairs/heals your scalp.)

💛 15 drops of Rosemary HERE! (increases hair growth by 23% and decrease hair loss.)

💛 Shake well to make sure it’s all blended.

💛 Start by applying the serum to the lower part of your scalp and work your way up in sections. (like if you were to colour your roots)

💛 Massage it all in. Spend some time doing that, because it will help you get the serum into the scalp and start the blood circulation.

💛 Tilt your head upside down for a few minutes to get more blood to your head.

💛 Let the serum sit in your hair for minimum 3 days before you wash your hair with a good rinsing shampoo. (If you have more serum left, reapply the next two days)

💛 Every time you wash your hair in between each treatment (once a month until you’re happy with the results) massage your hair for two minutes while you have the shampoo in your hair.

Ps. Castor oil is also amazing to grow out eyebrows and eyelashes! I lost 80% of my lashes (seriously, I was bold) after I got my eyelash extensions done with someone I shouldn’t have trusted. I’ve NEVER had trouble with eyelash extensions before, so seing my bold eyes were shocking. Luckily they came back after two weeks of using castor oil!

Biggest Changes Since Becoming Pregnant

There’s been A LOT of changes for me since becoming pregnant, but seeing a bump hasn’t been one of them, so seeing it today made me SOOO happy!!! I know, it’s not big, but you can definitely see it, haha! And that’s all that counts! I actually started crying looking through the pictures I took today…

The biggest changes for me has been: 

The pain – I can’t describe with words the amount of physical pain I’ve been going through since week 6 or 7  as pregnant. Earlier I planned on writing about what I went though, now I really just want to look forward. But mind you! I would do it all over again, so don’t let this scare you if you’re yet to become pregnant. All pregnancies are different.

My skin – Oh man… The hormones has really mirrored back to my skin by giving me acne. Painful acne. Luckily I’ve seen it has started to heal and dry out a lot over the last few days. All I’ve done to heal it, is to drink more water, be careful with what skin care products I use, and I’ve just been wearing make-up in a few occasions.

My happiness level – I’ve talked about it before, but I haven’t struggled with any anxiety or depression since becoming pregnant. I just feel like a new version of myself. A happier, lighter, stronger, and more chilled version. I LOVE BEING PREGNANT! There’s nothing more I want than being a MUM and creating my own FAMILY!

The love I feel for my husband – The way I see him now is different. It’s deeper, with more respect and understanding. I feel like I love him with more ease too. I just love him so much I could hold him and kiss him all day! Nothing is more important to me than creating a happy and healthy family, and I would do ANYTHING to keep it that way<3

The understanding and respect for single mothers/fathers and parents in general – I’ve always respected parents who, despite the circumstances, manage to raise their children in a physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthy way. Being pregnant is challenging, it’s an emotional rollercoaster, and at the same time very beautiful. It deserves A LOT of recognition! So being a parent deserves even more recognition!!!

My values and priorities – I still value the same things, however, I value them in a different order now, with more power. Like unconditional love, family, and freedom. I value those three aspects of life with a whole new depth than before! And to give an example of my priorities: it’s not so much about how I look anymore, but rather how I feel. And what makes me feel good now, is being healthy (on all levels), feeling loved, and giving love back. Pretty simple.

The way I see myself – I’m much stronger (mentally, obviously, haha),  I have more confidence, and I respect and love myself on a much deeper level. It feels amazing to just KNOW what I deserve and go after it in such a natural way! I have my baby to thank for that! Knowing that I’m becoming a mum gives me so much inner-strength!

Much more sensitive and emotional – As you might now, I’m already a highly sensitive person, but this pregnancy has just made me even more sensitive! I now cry of songs I’ve listened to a million times before, I cry of totally normal adds, pictures, and short films. Almost everything that has to do with children, I just can’t handle, haha! Things that are happy, I sob of, and things that are a liiittle sad, I cry of.

My body – I don’t feel a type of way when it comes to my body, but it has definitely changed. Due to lots of pain and struggling with nausea, I’ve had huge trouble eating, so I’ve lost A LOT of weight (I took a picture of my back a few days ago and it scared me.) I even felt bad for my husband when I was sitting on his lap, because my butt has become so bony, lmao! The main things that has changes for my body, is the weight I’ve lost and how my breasts has grown. I can’t wait till I start gaining my weight back and my stomach gets big and round!

Aaand let’s not forget the bathroom visits. The million times I have to pee throughout the day. Not to talk about how many times a night I have to wake up! I can’t even imagine how it’s going to be like later in the pregnancy..

The skirt I’m wearing is only $10 now! Get it HERE! 

Comfy & Cute Fashion For A Growing Tummy

Last night I was enjoying myself with music (Jessica Sanchez – she’s insaaane! Been listening to her for years!) and looking for pregnant clothing, while Anthony was working on his new webinar. I’m SO happy to have him back! I finally got a release of the pain I’ve been experiencing this week. Feels like a blessing sent from heaven, seriously, haha! I barely could eat or sleep, so being able to take naps and eat fresh bread ++ yesterday was A M A Z I N G !

I’m obsessed with the two pieced set I wore in my previous post, so I’m getting it in burgundy as well HERE! It’s so important for me to find comfortable clothes that I can wear as I’m chilling around the house, but also for when I go out for errands (still wanna look cute, lol). The clothes from are suuuper cozy and not too tight, even when you choose the “tight fitting” style.

Nr. 1 HERE!

Nr. 2 HERE!

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Nr. 5 HERE!

Nr. 6 HERE!

Nr. 7 HERE!

Nr. 8 HERE!

Omg! I’m sooo exited for next month!!! That’s when we – most likely – get to know if I’m carrying a boy or a girl! The biggest reason we want to know, is to be able to connect even deeper with the baby. I feel like when we know what sex it is, it’s easier to imagine it being here with us. Using its name will make everything more real as well<3

Nr. 9 HERE!

Nr. 10 HERE!

Nr. 11 HERE!

Nr. 12 HERE!

These items will suit you just as good if you’re pregnant as if you’re not, in my opinion. At least if your stomach hasn’t grown too much yet, haha! I just thought I would share my favourites on a budget, cause I know I have some pregnant readers who might want some ideas.

Wishing you a calm, christmasy, and magical Sunday<3

Our First Christmas Together!!!

My first Christmas without my family is going to be weird, but at the same time does it feel very right! I get to celebrate Christmas with my HUSBAND, our little puppy, while being PREGNANT and knowing that next Christmas we’re all celebrating together in Norway – with the BABY!!! I couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled<3

This Saturday Anthony and I decorated our apartment (I love our home so much!) for Christmas and it was one of the BEST days of my life!!! It was a day filled with so much LOVE, joy, laughter, silly dancing, Christmas spirit, candy (lol) and PASSION! We’ve both been looking forward to decorating and celebrating Christmas together, but we never thought it would be THIS much fun! Ahhh!

Even Cody got to be in on the fun! We bought him a Christmas sweater, with bells, that just made us want to squeeze him ALL night, haha! Can’t wait for our baby and Cody to have matching sweaters! Or wait a sec! We all need matching sweaters now that I think about it…

Look at them! Haha! Cody’s such a snuggler! And guess what?! He’s actually not ruined our tree (yet)… I was a little worried the candy canes would be tempting for him, but he’s been a good boy so far. I think there’s a bigger chance Anthony’s the one tearing down the candy canes to be honest…

Anthony went to New York to attend a master mind workshop this week, so I’ll miss him a lot! Cody will too… I’m just so happy and proud that he’s always going after his dreams and goals, being an inspiration to many! When he gets back we’re making gingerbread houses and I can’t wait, haha! It feels so good to spend time together doing everything we enjoyed as kids! Baking, decorating, dancing, watching Christmas movies… 

The last month has made both Anthony and myself honour quality time sooo much more! Not just that, but FAMILY TIME and the importance of creating a healthy, fun, and HAPPY family together<3 Nothing is more valuable than the relationships we have in our lives and the way we FEEL in our hearts when we’re alone. Two areas of life that are worth working on ✨ e v e r y d a y ✨ until it feels right, then keep striving to be better!

Baby bump or just tomato soup??? I feel like my pregnancy (baby bump growth) is going so slowww, haha! I just have to be patient and enjoy every moment, no matter how much I want to actually be able to SEE that I have a baby in my stomach!!! I’m just in week 14, so i still have a few more weeks until it will show…

I love the two piece set I’m wearing! Now that I’m pregnant I can’t stand wearing jeans or tight clothes, and this outfit makes it easy for me to grow into. It’s so comfy and looks good at the same time! Get the same set HERE!

What I Thought When I Found Out I Was Pregnant

A simple blog post is not enough to try and cover half of what went on in my mind that day, but I’ll try my best. Let’s just start with this: it was the weirdest day of my life! I felt the most indescribable feelings I’ve ever felt… A mix of “HOLY COW! Am I ready for this?!” and “WOOOW, my biggest dream is about to come true and I feel SO blessed!”

Having a child has always been the biggest dream of mine. On top of that, I’ve also been “craving” to become a mum for a while (to nurture and parent a little child is the most beautiful thing, in my eyes), but still, when it actually HAPPENS, everything gets a WHOLE new meaning; LIFE gets a whole new meaning! 

I was in deep shock for the next few days after. It was REALLY hard, to be honest. I was so scared and overwhelmed. Every little detail was something to overthink about, and I’m already very good at overthinking, so imagine being pregnant and overthinking, haha!

“Why NOW?!”, “Are we REALLY ready?”, “I’m so far from my family.” “I don’t know what to buy, what to do, or how to do it!?”, “Is this meant to be?”, “If it’s a boy, will I handle being a boy’s mom?”, “If it’s a girl, will I get too worried about her?”, “Will I have enough support?”, “Is Anthony going to work just as much as he is now?”, “What if this, what if that?” …and the list went on!

I believe I had nearly two months where I was in a state of “Shit! This is really happening!”, while also having some deep rooted things to work though with my husband, and a lot of mindset work on myself about who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live. All it really took to turn things around for the better, was to make a choice.

I made the choice of COMMITTING to go ALL in with ALL that I am! To only focus on solutions, look at our pregnancy for what is was; the greatest blessing EVER, presently and lovingly work on myself AND our marriage, listen to my body for what it needs, trust in God’s Divine timing, setting the intention of creating fun and magical days, and lastly, KNOWING that I’m going to be the best mum I can possibly be and that I have all the support I need! <3

Now, however, everything is looking a WHOLE lot different! Our marriage is stronger than ever, I’m more confident in myself as a mum, and there’s nothing I look more forward to than to meet, nurture, and raise our child! I feel so happy, blessed, and fulfilled I don’t know what to do! Everyday when I wake up, I think of my baby and visualise her or him laying on my chest filling me up with soooo much love…

Here’s a little something I wrote in the journal I’m creating for our baby:

“My biggest fear of becoming a mum, is how much I’m going to love you. It might sound silly, but it’s a real fear. I feel like I’m going to love you more than anyone has ever loved anything or anyone ever! THAT’S how much love I already have for you. So much it’s scares me sometimes… I’m already worried about you, and you’re not even born yet. You will be my heart. My everything. My world. My student and my teacher. I want you to be loved at a level anyone has ever experienced. I promise to always do my best in loving you the way YOU want and need to be loved. I’m so honoured to be your mum. Thank you for choosing me. I love you little angel.”


My Pregnancy & How It Has Affected Our Marriage

I’m now in my 12th week, and I’m finally starting to feel more normal, after three months of unbearable abdominal pain, morning sickness that lasted 24/7, and feeling very malnourished. Just being honest! Waking up and feeling well, is a miracle at this point! I’m so grateful I’m starting to get a release of pain<3

The last two weeks have been up and down, but I’ve had days where I’ve been able to eat a little and also go out and DO stuff! YAYY! However, I’ve still had some days where I’ve been throwing up all day. I even had to lay down on the floor mid food shopping at Whole Foods… Pregnancy is wild, haha! I would do it over again in a heartbeat though! Carrying a little baby is the greatest blessing of my life!

The BEST thing about being pregnant is DEFINITELY the way it has pushed my husband and I to really become as close and open with each other as possible. To open up and talk about EVERYTHING that needs to come to the surface; insecurities, worries, fear, resentment, and everything in between that simply HAS to be resolved (worked though and healed) BEFRORE we become parents to an innocent, little child. 

It has been a rough season between my husband and I, and I’m not afraid to share it, because that’s marriage and that’s life. Having a baby is a HUGE deal, and it creates a space for all shadows to come out and play. Being pregnant has been the energy we needed between us, in order to push our marriage back to the right lane again. 

When a relationship or marriage are having struggles, the people involved always have a choice to stay in the dark OR evolve beyond the pain, only to become closer than EVER.

As long as the both of us are willing to give it all, be authentic, and open up about our personal struggles and needs, while also committing to work with and heal the parts that hurts, I only see it as a beautiful blessing from God. I’ve honestly never seen my husband the way I see him now, and he’s told me he feels the exact same way about me. We now have a different kind of understanding, respect, and love for each other. When focusing on what’s best for the baby and doing everything through God, we can’t really go wrong! 

I’m sharing this to show you that marriage is NOT easy, but rather sacred. Marriage is a commitment to BOTH yourself and the other person; a commitment to be honest and open, to chose love over fear, to grow not stagnate, to forgive not hold resentment, to understand not judge, to GIVE without the expectation of getting anything in return, to ALWAYS look at your marriage as ONE entity, and to do everything through soul not ego.

I’m SO proud of both Anthony and myself for growing beyond the challenges and doing what’s right, to love each other deeper, to focus on having a healthy family, and to always seek a profound understanding. 

Old Soul Interview With Roze Cook

How do you know/feel you’re an old soul?

Well, first and foremost, thank you for the compliment in thinking I am an old soul enough to ask! Without ‘tooting’ my own horn in anyway, I guess I have always felt like an old soul. I feel like I have a deep understanding of the human mind and the way we are emotionally, and not only that, I guess it’s just a ‘feeling’ I have, as though I’ve been on Earth many times before, and I’m here to master what I haven’t before, to finally transcend this Earth to the next parallel universe. Sounds a bit woo woo, but I do believe that. But first, I need to master what I wasn’t able to in my past lives, and when I do, to teach all that I do know!

When did you recognize that you are in fact an old soul?
I guess, how can we ever really know that we in fact are, scientifically or factually, other than a sense or feeling that we are. I know I’ve been told it over and over again by dozens of people, so there must be something in me that people see.
I feel a sense of ‘wisdom’ I guess, a deeper understanding of the laws of the universe. Most of all, I know I have a truly deep understanding of karma, so I know that whatever I say or do, goes around, and that keeps me in line in all of my actions, and that is something that guides me and that I try to pass on to others.

How were you different from the other kids at your school, and in your family?

Gosh, I am actually chuckling at this! Once again, how did you know?! I was very different in school… All through school. I was quite a rebel to be honest. I never followed the rules, I made my own rules as I went. I questioned authority if I didn’t feel like they were using their power adequately. I sought after challenges and higher levels of education. I’d finish my class work because I found it too easy, turned my nose up at teachers that wouldn’t give me more to ‘do’, then I’d get bored, rebel at not being given more to learn and so I’d disrupt the class to offend the teacher. I was definitely a trouble maker, and I’m sure anyone reading this from the schools I went to would be having a giggle remembering what I was like! Schooling for me was just boring. I felt like it was an outdated system, I still do, and that is probably why I would wag so much to go and ‘explore’ the real world. Plus, I always thought what I would succeed at wouldn’t need a degree etc.

I think within a family, any family, we probably all individually seem ‘different’, because unlike our friends where we can see them in our good moods, our families see ALL of us.

Much the same as with school, I was definitely strong minded and opinionated. I always cared deeply, but never understood being ‘told what to do’, or what “no” meant.

I guess I had an understanding that my path and my own journey was one for my soul to make, not one for another to dictate. So I was probably a pain in the ass within my family, but seeing me now and how I have integrated my character with being more calm, more articulated about my many opinions, and leading by good example so that no one ever has to say “Don’t do that” has made them feel more at peace.

What makes you feel fulfilled?
To be honest… I think Nature does. Which is surprising, because a lot of my life is very glamorous, which would oppose what actually makes me happy. Something to think about myself, perhaps.. But yes, nature.. Being barefoot on grass. Seeing a full glowing moon reflect back from the ocean. Being in water. Feeling the breeze through my hair. Seeing a ginormous big old tree that’s lived my lifetime x 3. Smelling a flower. Seeing a rose bloom.

I think just simply feeling as though I am in sync with the universe, that I am being what I am here to do and be, and that is just be a happy, content and present in the moment Human Being that doesn’t want or need anything, and is simply grateful for what this glorious Earth has provided for us.

What inspires you to keep pushing even on the really dark days?
This is a great question Kristine!

I think the belief that dark days make for brighter days! I have personally found myself in quite a few dark times, as we all do, and as tough as they have been, or as dark as they do indeed get, I have always, always had a sense that we are only challenged in order to grow.

The idea of the butterfly for an example is what I live by. We go through tough times in points of our lives, we might even have times where we question our lives, genuinely, but…. Soon enough, something starts to turn our page when we are at our lowest point, and slowly, the page turns…. And it reveals a new chapter. There is hope, there is light, there is faith… It is only then when we are half way through the new chapter that we can look back at the old, and see that dark time as if we were the caterpillar in its cocoon. We needed that to shed our old skin and renew ourselves, to reveal a new part of who we are.

Sometimes we get so stuck on an identity of who we think we are, we forget that much like when we were kids, those identities passed. We turned into a teenager, then an adult. So as adults, we tend to box ourselves into what we have tried so hard to be, we forget that even as adults, our cycle of change still continues until the day we die, and even then… I believe we simply transition into a new life and world, wherever that may be for each of us.

How do you want to make a difference in the world?

I’d like to make a difference by becoming a great leader of the world and inspiring others with my story. My true ambition is to become an elite entrepreneur of my field, and from there mentor others via public speaking, being an author and sharing my story with others from where I came from, the challenges I’ve gone through and no doubt, will go through, and for my message to be:

Always Stay True To You,
Never Give Up, Keep Going,
and Never Let Where You Have Come From
or What You’ve Been Through Hold You Back.

What makes you angry/sad?
Well, a lot of things make me angry, I’m an Aries!

People that are rude to people they deem ‘less’ than them.
Shallow thinking/understanding. People who don’t see things below the surface.
People that judge what they don’t know or who they don’t know!! This would probably have to be my number one. Morons on social media, or people you’ve met somewhere that look at you and think they know you when they don’t or haven’t even taken the time to get to know you, it’s the most frustrating thing!!!

Do you get easily drained? If so, what do you do to recharge?

I think I used to get drained a lot more than I do now, I’ve found I’m a lot more protective of my energy than I used to be. I used to ‘give’ energetically a lot, and I’ve learnt people will just take and take, naturally, who’s not going to say no to someone giving you love and great energy and coaching you to your greatest self! So I’ve learnt to be more selfish about my time, what I say Yes to, who I respond to via text/emails/messages. If someone messages me on Facebook and expects me to read it and respond just because I’m online, not happening!

I have found affirmations to be incredibly powerful. If I feel drained, or as though I’m around people that aren’t positive, I’ll remove myself and quietly say an affirmation that protects my aura, or grounds my energy back into myself.

I’m also very, very aware of my thoughts. I’ll redirect them with an affirmation if I feel they’re not ‘positive’.

And, if all else fails, just being alone in nature, in bed, or wherever it is with a book or just my mind. Just being alone!

Oh, and Black Tourmaline!! That crystal is a game changer!

What’s your top 5-10 core values?



Are you highly sensitive or empathic? If so how does that effect your life? What do you love about those traits?

I most certainly am! I’m an extremely sensitive person, and I’m an empathetic person.
I think I would prefer to be more sensitive at times, as being empathetic can have its downfalls, I’m sure as you know.

Being sensitive is in a way, a power, as I can read a situation and mostly how someone is feeling, quite well. I think (hope) this will be very useful one day in business, as being able to work with people and delegate to them skillfully with emotional intelligence, is a powerful and positive thing, as people will always do a job well if they feel they are cared for, respected and looked after.

As for being empathetic, I’ve found to channel it more into people I don’t know, than do. Whilst I still do, I don’t ‘over’ empathize, as people can use that for their own advantage, so I tend to try and only use it for a greater cause such as people who are in need.

What do you believe will be the next step for the humanity to lead into a healed state of our planet?
What a beautiful question!

The first thing that came to mind was Nature; being more aligned with nature, whether it’s eating better, eating less meat, or just being in nature to lift our state of being to a more present state of mind.

Secondly, Compassion! Strongly. I think when we all feel the emotion of compassion, for all living things: people, plants, animals, ourselves, I think that will move humanity enormously. I believe in humanity, I believe we can learn and ‘make it’ to that place. A Utopia.

Maybe it will take something terrible that effects us all, to all be inspired by compassion for each other. I don’t know, and I certainly don’t wish that, but I do believe Compassion in all of our hearts and having the awareness that we are feeling that emotion will change the world that we currently live in.

What do you do to keep your soul on fire?

My vision, my ambitions… Having a purpose and being clear on that. Simply knowing I have a skill that I can use in order to move people emotionally and lift them to a higher state of being because of my existence on this Earth.

What do you find attractive in other people? What makes you admire them?

Strength, Emotional Strength naturally comes to mind. I like people who are strong, who have felt things in their lives, who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves or others, who don’t feel sorry for themselves, who get up and keep going! Silent, or loud. Either one!

Im 100% attracted to kindness. Show me someone kind and I’ll give them my heart and admire them for a lifetime. I think anyone who is kind and has a good heart, there is nothing more beautiful in this world than someone with a good heart! Nothing!

I admire people who have a passion and stick it out until they are masters! Simply because that is what I aspire to be. The goat that reaches the top of the mountain. The CEO. The Top 100 of whatever it is. The Best Selling Author. The Chef that loved cooking as a child that gets a Michelin Star.
That shit gives me shivers, it inspires me, it also grounds me somehow. It tells a story of mastery, and that anyone can give up, but if you don’t, you WILL succeed.

Do you ever feel lonely as an old soul, living in a fast paced world? If so, how do you deal with it?
Completely! I don’t know if it’s being an old soul, or what it is, but there are definitely days I feel old, tired, exhausted and as if I’m not aligned to my purpose, which I feel will be accomplished by peeling back all of the layers I’ve been taught by society and this fast paced world. I feel lonely when I feel I’m not being the old soul that lives inside of me, and that I don’t feel like I’ll ‘fit in’ if I shed the skin of society, and was simply Just Me. Which is quite sad, that I can’t Be myself sometimes.

I deal with it by trying to always take time out with myself. Solitude is so powerful and important. I also think always trying to be authentic and genuine, as much as you can. Im attracted to luxury and glamour, but I think as long as I’m always staying true to myself inside as much as I can.

What are the most attractive traits in other souls you fancy romantically?

Eek, romantic emotions….!

I like soul, I like heart. I like kindness, and generosity. I like a humble spirit, someone that can tame my own wild heart. I like someone that is full of joy and that knows how to let themselves go and be fun, no matter where they are. Actually, yes, someone who knows how to have fun, be happy, have a joke, and someone who never takes themselves seriously! So important.

I’m a very playful spirit, no matter how good my resting bitch face is, so someone that can crack a wicked joke anywhere in the world and know that under my at times cool and collected façade is someone who is probably already thinking it!

Someone who is supportive and understanding is also so important. I’m probably not the most ‘normal’ of people out there, so someone who understands that what I say might not be what I mean, or if I do something, or ponder something out loud that is weird, to just understand that I’m having a deep moment of contemplation, and to just let me ponder whatever it is without judging me or taking me to seriously.

How will you describe your spirituality? How has it helped you?

My spirituality would be an understanding more-so of the universe. I feel very in tune with planets, and I also understand karma very strongly. I think spiritually I live by the law of karma, and being a good person, and to always have clean and positive thoughts. I believe that in the great ‘scheme’ of things, we are naked in thought… Nothing we think is ever truly private to ‘other beings’, whether that be God, or whomever – but I believe we attract what we think about, so we must always be aware and in control of what we think.

I think it helps me as it provides me a powerful intuition about life, others, what will happen in the future, what I need to do, what I need to stay away from, and what I need to share emotionally through communication.

What do you believe in? Please share your beliefs and curiosities. (God? The universe? Spirit guides? Your highest self? Something else?)
I believe in Spirit Guides, I think I’m scared by the idea of them, but I do believe in them. I like my good ones!

I believe in God, as a Power, A Creator, The Creator. I believe in God as the Creator, and that ‘that’ which Destroys is also perhaps apart of God.

I believe in my highest self, well and truly. I believe that this is the highest part of myself, the wise part. A part of me that knows what I need best in each and every moment, and if I was to listen and trust, my life would be Good in all senses.

What are your top 3 practices you do to reconnect with your Soul?

Affirmations are a big one for me. I do these daily, even if its one. I find this grounds me and reconnects me.

Just taking the time to breathe, sit with myself, and just Be.

Being in water. I absolutely love it. A bath, a long shower, the ocean. Just floating in water and letting it wash away all of my worries. I find Im always a lot more connected and grounded after.

Do you have close friends that you can have those deep, soulful conversations with?
I do. Far and few between, but that’s okay with me. I would love to have more deep and soulful conversations, naturally. But I’m grateful for the connections I have with those I can.

If you could do anything in the world, and money was no problem, what would you do and why?
I would make all and any education free, and I would fill the world with schools, and new age thinking schools! I would fill third world countries with equal amounts of school as the western world.

What makes you cry tears of joy?
Seeing people happy… It does me, every time! Whether its seeing someone laugh so much they cry, or seeing people get married, or anything. Seeing the emotion of happiness in others is a sure way moment to get my teary eyed!

What is the ONE message you want to share with the world?

Stay True, and Be You!
Don’t be afraid to be different, don’t be afraid to share how you feel or what you believe in. Don’t give in to what you don’t agree with, don’t follow society if you don’t believe in what is being shared. Just straight up, Be YOU!

Photos by Roze Cook

We Heard Our Baby’s Heartbeat Today!

It’s been soooo surreal! The whole idea that I’m carrying another human being inside my stomach! Ahh… Today it finally started to feel a little bit more real, though! We went to the doctors again and we finally got to hear the little baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I wanted to cry and cry and cry.

Once we heard it, Anthony grabbed my hand and we both laughed and said “IT’S SO CUUUUTE!” Hahah! This baby had a fast and strong heartbeat, which indicates we’re having a healthy, happy and wild little baby, hehe! I’m so happy and fulfilled. I wish I could cuddle and kiss with my little baby NOW! 

On our way home from the doctors, I was making the craziest sounds of excitement, and Anthony, of course, screamed of excitement, haha! I had to calm him down, to not scare the baby… But who am I fooling?! The baby better get used to its loud dad soon enough, right?! I’m just so grateful that Anthony is excited, nothing is more important, really.

I didn’t even know if we would make it to the hospital in time today, because my nausea was so bad this morning and I just kept throwing up my breakfast. Sorry for the details… This is pregnancy for you!

In my next post I will share a little snippet of what I’ve written in our baby’s journal so far. Maybe I’ll share my first thoughts after finding out I was pregnant!?

Almost every night I sit down in bed and write the baby a little something. It could be what we did that day, some words of encouragement, how excited I am, my deepest and most honest thoughts about becoming a mum, and even some of the worries that has been spinning around, not just from being pregnant, but from life in general. I think it will be a cute little book to read with our child as it grows up:-)

And by the way! We’re in week 11 <3 Can’t wait for the second trimester! I’m praying for a release of pain, hehe.

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7 Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned The Past Month

1. The first and most important lesson that I’ve really practiced and passed on to others, is this:

Trust (trust starts within your own Self, not in others) creates a space for vulnerability, which opens up for authenticity, which then allows real intimacy to occur, which again will help you manifest a deep soul connection with that other person, and a connection like that creates MAGIC and beautiful changes and wild evolutions.

2. Forgiveness over resentment: forgiveness is hard. It can NOT be forced. Have some mercy. When I try forgiving people who have wronged me, or even forgive myself for the pain I’ve let myself experience, I ask for help. I ask God to help me heal the pain of those who did me wrong, while also helping me heal my own woulds by focusing on forgiving, letting go, and seeking understanding instead of holding on to the resentment towards old happenings. Forgiveness will ALWAYS take you further than what resentment will! Forgive for the sake of your own wellbeing.

3. Self-respect and self-worth: YES! I need to continuously remind myself of my own worth and how important it is to respect myself before ANYONE else! Now, more than ever, has this been crucial! I’m a grown woman for God’s sake! It’s time to stand up for myself and know what I deserve.

4. Let go of the need for control and perfectionism: …and just let life frikkin’ happen!!! Who am I to push God in any direction when he already knows the best road to my destination. When we have a need for control in our adulthood it mirrors moments in our childhood where we had no control and needed to cling to whatever place in our life where we could have some type of control to feel safe. So, it all really goes back to inner child work. Doesn’t it always, haha?!

5. Love deeper: I’ve learned that giving more of myself and really letting people see my pain, creates a space for them to be more vulnerable too, which again leads us to a place within our heart where we can love each other deeper and more profound. Love feels so good. And sharing it with others is the best feeling in the world. Love is the ONLY thing we’ll contemplate about on our deathbed anyway… Who do you love and honour? How are you showing it? 

6. Replenish: Listening to my body and valuing my mental health has been so, so important lately. And the best way I could do that, has been to take it reeeeaaal slow. Sometimes doing nothing is the most Divine thing we can do for ourselves. As long as it feels right, it IS right. If all you did today was existing, you’ve done a great job! Thank you for being there; for really showing up for yourself. Being there and listening to your emotions, observing your thoughts floating by, and just breathing, now that’s something more people need to put off some extra time on their calendar for.

7. Pray: As I’ve had a little though season as of lately, I’ve turned to prayer a lot more frequently than usual. And let me tell you, when I’ve been doing more praying, I’ve noticed a huge increase in both mental answers and relieves of physical pain. I’ve felt so much more connected. The most amazing thing that came out of all this, is that I no longer shame myself for “taking” valuable minutes of God’s time. Earlier I’ve struggled with not feeling worthy of God’s blessings and precious time, just because I felt others needed his help more. Now, I know that he’s here, in all of us, available 24/7, and all we have to do is open ourselves up to his healing.

It’s Finally “Snuggle Up Season”!

I absolutely LOVE cozy sweaters, and now is the perfect time to cuddle up with your favourite, warm sweater. Even in Florida it’s been cooler the last couple of weeks. I love it! Mostly because it allows me to wear jeans and cute fall sweaters.

I’m so exited for my new sweater to get here, and I can’t wait to show you how adorable it is, haha! I mean, I have to (at least) try keeping up with my husbands AMAZING wardrobe lmao! He has so many cool clothes, and I left ALL my cute fall items back in Norway thinking I would neeeever get them to use in Florida… Ehm, I was wrong…

Btw, if someone told me a few years ago that I was going to meet a man with a bigger wardrobe than me, I would NEVER believe them!

I’ve found my favourite snuggly sweaters for fall. All of them are under $35 each! Nothing is better than finding cute clothes for a good price. At least for me, now that I don’t really priorities fashion as much as I used to (I used to be crazy). But a few new items for each season is ALWAYS fun! 

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