The BEST Pregnancy Update So Far!

Here’s what has happened and changed during my 22nd week as pregnant!

Due date:

June 6th 2018


💜 N o a h 💜


👶🏽 B O Y 👶🏽

The size of the baby:

Our baby is now 11 inches and weighs 1 POUND!!! He’s about the size of a small doll, or a spaghetti squash. How insane is that?! He’s been growing so fast this week, and I can easily tell that he is A LOT stronger as well, haha! Sometimes his kicks are so hard and out of nowhere, that I startle.

Pregnancy symptoms: 

My stomach grew more than it has ever done this week and I’m loving the sight I see in the mirror! I just find it so cute to be able to SEE that I’m pregnant. I’m already low key looking forward to my next pregnancy… (mehehe) No, but I’m definitely in awe by the feeling of carrying a life in my womb. It’s so magical and it does something (in a deep, spiritual way) to me that I never thought was possible. I’m a creator of life! It’s so precious to think about…

Weight gain:

I haven’t gained more, but I’m definitely eating better, which makes me feel a lot more calm. As long as Noah keeps growing and gaining weight, I’m happy!


These past two weeks have been very hectic and exciting, so I’ve definitely been a lot more exhausted than usual. Going to the store the other day (5 minutes away), made me feel like I’d been running a marathon and I was not functioning well for the rest of the day. So, relaxing and meditating is very important for me, if I want to keep doing all the things that I want to get done around the house and for my new projects.


Peaches and grapes are must haves in the fridge! Oh, and I’ve been making a bunch(!) of pizza horn, pita bread, and dinners that reminds me of home (Norway). There’s nothing better for me, now that I’m pregnant, than simple dinners like I used to have back home. Ps. I’ve been using “Gardein’s” vegan ground beef for my pizzas and it’s SO good!  

Must haves:

Podcasts, youtube channels, high vibe music, and books that helps me calm down and focus inwards. Since I’ve been doing a lot of creative work and writing lately, it’s been sooo good to rewind with wise words from a spiritual guide. It helps me change my energy in seconds! When I’m under stress, I tend to let my mind wander like crazy, which is why I consciously have to do things like meditate or listen to podcasts that helps me focus on what’s really important.

Body changes:

A growing stomach comes with a lot of growing pains! Some days it’s been really bad. I couldn’t even get in or out of bed normally, and peeing was painful, because that meant I had to sit down at the toilet, which is a workout by itself, haha! Luckily it’s normal experiencing these kinds of aches and pains during this time, because of the stretching of the ligaments supporting the growing uterus.

Emotional wellbeing:

I can’t really blame my emotions on the pregnancy or the intense energies of the moon, because I know I’ve been focusing on a lot of things that has been stressing me out lately. As soon as I DECIDED to change focus, I felt A LOT better! I don’t really feel hormonal, but I’ve been experiencing feelings of excitement, joy, happiness, gratitude AND anxiety at the same time, but I know where it’s coming from, so I know how to work with it. Mostly, I feel very good and balanced! 


It makes me SOOOOOO happy and excited that little Noah is SO strong now! He kicks, he turns, he dances, and he does things I have no clue what is, it just feels like he’s being WILD in there, haha! But it all makes me feel so much more connected to him! Now, I know what songs he likes, I know when he’s hungry, when he’s in a playful mood, when he’s sleeping, and how to talk to him to make him kick. Awww my heart! He also loves listening to his daddy’s jokes and stories🤧😍

For The Ones In Need Of Guidance & Light

Every thought you think and every emotion you feel, affects the water molecules in your body. It changes your entire personal frequency. It determines wether or not illnesses and diseases will match your energy. And it decides how your future is actually going to look like, based on what you’re capable of attracting with your frequency.

This is why it’s so important to be AWARE and CONSCIOUS of what you CHOOSE to think about. I tell you this, simply because I’ve been in need of this reminder myself the past couple of days, where I’ve let myself feel anxious over things I’m not in control of. And what is anxiety, really? It’s fear based thoughts about the future. It’s THOUGHTS created by my mind! Thoughts that could have been focused on higher dimensional planes.

It kind of feels good to be in this sate as well; feeling anxious about certain parts of life, I mean. It’s definitely painful and scary. But it reminds me that the purpose of life is to experience ALL part of being a human. Being a highly sensitive person, I really get to feel it all!

Being in this kind of state, helps shake me up and deepen the connection I have with myself. It pushes me to go inwards and really take care of my needs and listen to the messages behind the hurt. It also allows me to replenish and consciously go in the direction of where I want to be, with more motivation than ever!

For me, the past days has been looking something like this: 

💜 Asking for guidance as to what can help my situation

💜 Really letting myself feel down, scared and disappointed

💜 Writing down my emotions with NO filter and NO judgements

💜 Listening to podcasts that just came to me by pure, aligned guidance

💜 Think back to the times where I felt fully fearless, special, understood, and unconditionally loved

💜 Holding my crystals and imagining how they’re healing me from deeeeep within, one breath at a time

💜 Reminding myself that I’m not what I think, or what other people think of me. I’m simply a Soul experiencing life though Kristine

…It’s time to wrap up the sobbing and reclaim my inner-power, by telling myself how precious and special I am, and that no matter what happens tomorrow, I’m still me; the same Soul as today. Just as worthy, just as capable, and just as willing to start over again.

Remember, just because you’re ENTIRE life has been a disaster, doesn’t mean that from his day on, your life won’t be heavenly beautiful, free, abundant, and filled with joy and soulful alignment! You see, you don’t have to believe about your future what you always believed in your past. A new day = a new start.

Inner Peace & Outer Shine

It’s so true, that when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside. NO MATTER what you physically look like, there’s just this magically “I’m at peace, I’m loving myself, and I’m just happy to be here type of glow” that emanates from your whole being. Do you know what I mean?!

I’ve seen that INSANELY beautiful glow in a few women lately, and it’s SO attractive! Their pure energy just pulls you in and makes you want to be with them. Because, maybe they’ll heal you, maybe they’ll be your soul sister, maybe their angelic aura will rub off on you as well, maybe you’ll feel a little freer just by being a part of their frequency, maybe they’ll show you a whole new world…

The best type of comments and compliments I’ve gotten lately, is the ones that tells me I look glowy, happy, healthy, and at peace. And not to mention, that I look beautiful as pregnant! It warms my Soul sooo! Thank you Noah, haha!

Before it was more like, “Your hair is shiny!”, “Your make-up is on point!”, “Where did you get your dress?”  But at the same time “You look sad, are you okay?” and “You should smile more, you look better when you smile” It was (for the most part) purely focused on the physical, never the glow that came from the inside. Maybe because there were no glow? Let’s be honest… Haha!

Now, my biggest motivation when it comes to how I look, is to look Godly, angelic, compassionate, healthy, and genuinely happy. Why? Because it feels SO darn good and I love being an inspiration to other women. And to me, there’s nothing more inspiring than when you can SEE that someone is at peace with who they are and where they are in life.

My recipe for getting “the glow”, is to practice Self-love every day, be pregnant (juuust kidding! Or am I?), Do something you’re PASSIONATE about, follow your heart and trust your intuition, be with high vibrational people, don’t stress over small things, nurture your relationship/marriage, do what makes you feel good in all areas of life, serve others with love, integrity, and passion, allow yourself to be taken care of when needed, and PRAY.

Hairband: Forever 21, Denim shorts HERE! Bohemian sweater HERE!

Each New Breath Is A Good Enough Reason To Be Better

I’ve been loving the thought of 2018 being a NEW START, but when you think about it, it’s stupid. I mean, to think that a new year is the only time we have where we can renew ourselves and our lives. Every single day when we wake up, there’s a whole new beginning. We decide what we’re going to do with our day and who we want to show up as. We don’t need a new year to be a better and happier version of ourselves.

If we’re really going to dive deep and look at the spiritual way of understanding time, we KNOW that each new moment is a new start. When we imagine that there’s no past or no future, we’re only left with the now. We’re left with our own WILL to be who we really know we can be! Because, without any past, there’s no negative patterns to fall back into, no bad habits to turn to, no sad memories to sob over, no limiting beliefs to cling to… You get the picture!

   I just really want to share how I’ve been looking at time lately. Time is so precious, but at the same time so AVAILABLE. Time is everlasting. Heck! We are everlasting beings. We’re limitless. We’re eternal. We’re here to enjoy our earth experience, not to walk around telling people “We’ve got so much life to live, but so little time!” If you still think that way, then go ahead and live NOW, don’t waist your life complaining.

The moment we step into our eternal essence, the one that connects with everything else, we understand that each new breath holds a new beginning. It’s up to us to not fall back into the old habits of our human essence.

I love renewing myself and my environment. It makes me feel alive and inspired. Feeling alive and joyous is a practice where we have to commit to renewing ourselves day after day. We have to reawaken and seek a higher consciousness that will enable us to look at life as something that will always be a part of us, but at the same time renews and refreshes itself by each breath we take.

What will make you feel more alive today? What will inspire you to start living from your Higher Self? What is the next step in your spiritual journey that will take you to a whole new level of awareness? How can you show up today, so that you’ll feel like a new and improved version of the person you were yesterday? 

A Sentimental & Happy Update

It’s been a while since I updated my blog, and all I can say is that things are going GREAT! I’ve spent a week with my family from Norway, my pregnancy nausea is SO much better, we’ve seen our little baby boy on ultrasound and he’s doing AMAZING, my mindset keeps getting stronger by the day, my faith in God is deeper than ever, and my marriage with Anthony is the best it’s been! <3

…Now it’s just up to me to keep this beautiful flow growing and blossoming into an even greater season to come! I’m so grateful for the people I have in my life now. They are all in alignment with what I both believe in and value in life. I never knew that friends could create such a huge change in how my life feels like.

Surrounding myself with people who love me for who I am, who want me to be the happiest version of myself, and who would go beyond their limits to make me feel just a little better, those are the people who inspire me to keep going on the darker days. You really don’t have to go though life yourself! There are people out there waiting to be your light. Just open yourself up to their energy and know that they will arrive at the perfect time.

We’re half way through our pregnancy, and I’ve never experienced a transformation greater than this one – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually that is. When you grow another LIFE inside you, there’s just a new type of magic that’s being felt! Simply being pregnant inspires me to be a million times more loving towards myself, and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful blessing to be gifted with. The love we have for ourselves, affects EVERYONE around us! 

Many people think I’m a very positive person and that I always believe that there’s a bigger reason for everything that happens. That’s not completely true. Yes, I do believe there’s a Divine Source that guides us and shapes this Universe with a higher consciousness, but from time to time, I’ve had tendencies to lose my faith in the Divine. Especially when I’ve been at my lowest.

Some seasons of my life, I have to work very hard to keep my spirit up and stay grounded. Being “positive” is a daily practice for many, and I’m definitely one of them. When I fall of my Soul work waggon, it’s easy for me to feel down, anxious, and even depressed. Luckily, how we feel, is our own decision! And if I want to feel AMAZING, I have to consciously DO the things that makes me feel that way.

This year is definitely a year where I’ve promised myself to be more chill and trust the natural flow of life. And it feels SO good! And just imagine for a moment, that there’s no such thing as “a greater meaning” or a God energy. Should we just give up our lives and not do our best? NO! We should appreciate life for what it is and make the best of it. That’s where I’m at right now. I’m really working on accepting everything that unfolds in my life, then do my best with what I have. Because, why not? God or no God, you’re the creator of your own life. 

I’m wearing the coziest jacket EVER! It’s sooo soft! Need to be all snuggled up now that it’s so cold in St. Petersburg, haha! I got it on sale HERE!

Soon Half Way There!

Here’s what has happened and changed during my 18th week as pregnant!

Due date:

💛👶🏼 June 6th 2018👶🏼💛

The size of the baby:

Our baby is now 5 1/2 inches long, and weighs almost 7 ounces, about the size of a bell pepper. He or she can freely flex its arms and legs, and we felt the very FIRST kicks on New Years Eve!!!

Pregnancy symptoms: 

My stomach feels and looks a little bigger this week, and I LOVE it! My face is a little better when it comes to my acne, and my nausea and stomach aces are a lot better! I don’t have to pee as much, which feels like a blessing, lol! I also feel a lot more hungrier now, which is a GREAT sign. Even though I can’t stomach most foods and cooked dinners, I find it much easier to eat now than before.

Weight gain:

I’ve gained 2 pounds this week, which is a start, haha! I still get shocked every time I look at myself in the mirror, but I’m definitely going in the right direction.


A lot better than earlier! I even had the energy to visit Anthony’s family in New Jersey last week. Where we did a few activities, went food shopping, walked in New York etc. I had plans on starting yoga again this week, but I still haven’t gotten around to doing it. I know it would be good for me, because my body feels sore, fragile, and stiff after not working out in MONTHS!


I’m still having dreams about Norwegian candy and Pepsi Max, haha! I like eating toasts, fruit salads with OJ and chocolate chip on top, and drink hot chocolate. But not really any cravings.

Must haves:

Hmm… I would say snacks. I need to get better at snacking between meals, so I get my calories up and keep the nausea away. It’s just hard to eat when you’re not hungry or feel a little groggy. Anthony helps me on this part, maybe even a little bit too much, haha! My stomach was growling at 1 AM last week and he made me wake up and go eat. Very concerned Dad to be<3

Body changes:

My stomach keeps growing and I had to say bye bye to another pair of jeans. It’s not that I’m big – at all – but it’s a lot more uncomfortable wearing tight clothes now. I also know that I have to stop comparing myself with other pregnant women, with A LOT bigger tummies than me… I know everyone’s growth during pregnancy will be different, and as long as the baby is growing healthy, that’s all that matters! (It’s just do darn cute with big baby bumps, lol!)

Emotional wellbeing:

A LOT better! I feel more content, lighter, happier, and stronger. However! I get angry A LOT faster now than I usually do, and I don’t like it. When Cody is acting up, I fire up inside. I need to channel my anger into something more productive… It’s not healthy for the baby to feel my anger, and it’s sooo important for me to create a safe space for the baby while being in the womb.


The same as last time: finding out the gender and buying cute baby clothes! We hopefully get our ultrasound this week. The ultrasound is all that I think about these days. One night I dream about having a girl, then the next I’m having a boy, then I’m having a girl again, haha! My dreams are confusing me, but I do feel like my intuition is more heavy on one of them…

Soulful Mindset Shift For 2018!

2018 is the year of alignment and pure trust in the natural force of life.

🦋 2018 is the year where you let go of the need for control and rather surrender to the universe’s wisdom and perfect alignment. You go from feeling emotions like fear and disappointment, to feeling a deep sense of trust and a powerful knowing of success.

🦋 2018 is the year where you go deeper than ever and see your shadows with new eyes. Eyes that makes you see the beauty in the dark and helps you love every part of who you are. Yep, even the darkest parts of you, because you know they were given to you for a grander reason than just “to be the dark parts of you”.

🦋 2018 is the year where you free yourself from shame, pressure and self-sabotage. Instead, you allow yourself to just be. You know that you’re more than enough right now, and that you’re able to accomplish whatever you want, as long as you do it for YOU, and for the RIGHT reasons.


🦋 2018 is the year where you create healthy, thriving, and authentic relationships that makes you feel special and loved. Not relationships based on neediness and possession, but relationships that are based on growth and unconditional love.

🦋 2018 is the year of NO limitations. You can have WHATEVER you want at WHATEVER speed you’d like. YOU are the one setting limitations to your flow of abundance, success, and happiness, so why set any?! Just know with all of your being that you have the Divine power to attract your biggest desires just as fast as your smallest wishes.

🦋 2018 is the year you have the opportunity to contribute the amount of money you’ve always wanted to contribute with to you favourite charity, a friend in need, or to surprise your family with.

🦋 2018 is the year where vacations can be booked without having to live of off bread and water the next 4 months after. The trip is already booked and you have more than enough money to surprise a friend to come with you.

🦋 2018 is the year you consciously shift your resentment and anger to understanding and forgiveness.

🦋 2018 is the year of shameless self-indulgences where you do things for yourself, simply because you want to, it feels good, and you DESERVE to.

🦋 2018 is the year where your focus lies on self-realization. Nothing is more important than going towards a deep peace of mind and a heightened state of awareness. Only YOU can set yourself free! Materialistic possessions won’t keep you happy, but a conscious commitment to raise your personal frequency will!

🦋 2018 is the year where being authentic and vulnerable comes natural to you. It’s who you are, simple as that. The people you attract into your life this year are genuine, respectful, funny, purpose driven, loving, wise, compassionate, gentle, and strong individuals, because YOU manifested them by your daily choice of practicing the same traits.

My sweater is from HERE!

We Felt Our Baby’s FIRST Kicks On New Years!

I truly had the most amazing New Year’s Eve, one that I will remember forever! Anthony surprised me with tickets to go see Kevin Heart in Orlando, which was the BEST surprise to start 2018 of with!!! Aaaand, we got to share the hilarious experience with our good friend, Sallé, that we love so much.

RIGTH before the clocked ticked midnight, our baby decided to give a its FIRST kicks, just to let us know he or she is coming out with SO much power in 2018! It was such a surreal moment… I could both SEE and FEEL our little baby though my bump. Suddenly it all felt sooo much more real! It’s during moments like these, life feels like the biggest blessing. 

2018 is the most beautiful, successful, transformational, growth oriented, and Divine year yet. Amen.

Pregnancy is GREAT when it allows you to feel like a human again, haha! I’ve had many good days in a row now, and just enjoying being pregnant feels amazing. This new pillow that I got saved me from my sleepless nights, so now I finally get to sleep thought the whole night (minus a few restroom visits, hehe.) I got it HERE! I use it for when I’m sleeping, but it’s also perfect for relaxing in bed while reading. It gives the best support for your back and stomach.

I’m obsessed with notebooks, journals, and planners, so when I saw Target’s new line, I had to get a few of them! SO CUTE! My husband got me a whole book of notebook stickers which makes it so much more fun to create new plans, haha! I’m a planner at heart, and it’s important for me to find ways to make my to do lists inspiring and motivating.

Get my adorable and comfy PJ set HERE! for only $14! I’m wearing a size small.

Wishing you love, strength, healing, and great blessings for 2018. Be the flow, don’t force it. Trust in God and know that you’re exactly where you need to be. Give more love than you think is necessary. Be fully open to receive what you want. Know that you deserve the BEST.

Our Last Christmas Without Children

It’s so crazy to think about, that next year, we’ll be cooking the same cookies, but with a baby on our lap! I can’t believe it. I mean, it’s still not real to me that I’m pregnant, let alone that I’m going to share my whole life with this little one. It’s a surreal feeling! I guess the only and biggest question is, “Am I ready for all the love this baby is going to bring into my life?” It still scares me how much I’m going to love my child. It might be a weird thing to worry about, but I do.

I’ve started praying to my baby more, and it has helped me feel a much stronger connection with its soul. In the beginning of my pregnancy I had a hard time connecting, and I felt like something was off. It was a very sad feeling. Mostly because I always thought I would INSTANTLY connect with MY baby. Sometimes our expectations creates tension and blocks, and all we need to do, is to surrender to what is, and not cling to what should have been.

Before I started praying to the baby, I prayed to God and asked if he could help me release the negative emotions I had towards myself and the relationship I (didn’t) have with my baby. I asked if he could forgive me for being negative. I asked if he could help me start all over and create an even deeper connection with my baby.

Once I felt the natural attraction towards me and my baby, I just knew that a Divine shift had happened and it suddenly became easy for me to connect with, talk to, and pray for my baby. Even though I’ve been mad at myself for not talking to my baby more in the beginning stages, I just have to forgive myself and know that things happen when they’re supposed to, not when we push them to happen.

Now, when I tell my baby “I love you”, I can really feel it, and it brings tears to my eyes EVERY single time. I no longer feel the need to connect, I want to. There’s nothing more important to me, than to heal myself, my unborn baby, and the relationship we share BEFORE he or she comes out and meet us physically.

I really do believe that there’s a bunch of things a mum can do for its baby’s healing while still being in the womb. The baby’s soul is not fully integrated with its body until the day of birth. And the more the child reconnects with its soul after birth and while it grows up, the more it will remember from what happened before conception and wile being in the womb creating its physical body.

Reconnect With Your Soul During Pregnancy

One of the BEST things about being pregnant, is definitely how it makes me want to seek even deeper inwards, to where my Soul lives, where also the God in me lives. Every second of everyday, God’s pure energy is flowing though us all from our Higher Self; where we connect with our God consciousness. However! It’s OUR job to consciously put our awareness back into the place within us where all this energy reside.

Getting back in tune with our God consciousness and really feeling that we’re operating from our Higher Self is a daily practise we have to commit to. Usually, most of us are so lost in our day to day life that we simply forget to check in with ourself and really ask ourselves what we need in order to live life though a Soul deep state.

What this pregnancy has done for me, is to remind me of how important it is to, not only daily, but multiple times a day, reconnect with the God in me. To take a break and say a prayer, or to simply just take a few deep breaths to calm my mind and be still with myself.

This baby that I’m creating is reminding me to nurture and heal my inner child; my Soul. The baby is leading me in a healthy direction, spiritually, and it feels so good. I mean, I won’t be able to be a nurturing mom to my child, if I don’t even take the time to heal the child in me! (Maybe the baby knows this, and just wants to push me to become a better mommy for him or her as soon as possible, haha!)

Personally, I’m extremely interested in conscious and gentle parenting and I know that the more I’m in tune with myself, my emotions, my psychology, my physiology, my spiritual patterns, my fears, and my desires, the easier it will be for me to connect with my child’s needs, on all levels.

I’ve had a few days filled with bad nausea and low energy, so getting this package in the mail from my family back in Norway made me so happy!!! Ahhh, when I’m not able to eat anything, I can always get down a bowl of tomato soup with macaroni. MY FAVORITE! The first thing I did when I got home yesterday, was to make some soup<3

And to recap from the topic;

Recently, I’ve talked to five other women who also are pregnant, and they all say the same. They feel SO much more confident and the level of inner-strength and self-love they hold, is SO much higher now than it has ever been! It’s definitely true, that creating a new life and knowing that you’re becoming a mum, really does empower you in ways you can’t even describe!

It’s magical… You just know that you’re ready to do ANYTHING for your future child! And it all starts with the connection we as mothers commit to holding with our Soul and Higher Self before, during, and after the pregnancy. If we’re not in connection with ourself, how can we connect with anyone else?