My Favourite Boho Items On A Budget

Who doesn’t just love the boho style?! I’m kiinda new to the whole trend myself, but when I tried a few pieces and saw how beautiful it looked on other women, I was sold! And now you can get all the best pieces + accessories for a STEAL! I’m so happy there’s a webside out there who offers cute clothes, to all kinds of women with all kinds of different preferanses, for a great price!

There’s nothing I love more within fashion than flowy, comfy clothes that also are SUPER cute and feminine! My style has definitely got a new twist after moving to Florida, and I love it so much. I’m also the believer of only buying stuff I know I’m going to wear more than once, lol! Here are some of my absolute favorites from

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Think About This BEFORE You Speak Your Truth

I’m a huge advocate for seeking our own truth; the one that sits within, to own it, and then share it. However! If we keep pushing people to open up to a whole new world of possibilities; possibilities that don’t even make sense (AL ALL) to those we share them with, it’s a little to no chance that we’ll actually make them want to change. Sometimes even out of pure “silliness”. In this case, simply to prove to you that they can live just as amazing and healthy by still living in a big, fat illusion.

When people feel like their own way of living is not good enough, they feel looked down at, maybe even “belittled”. People need to change in a way that is natural and empowering to them.

You see, inspiring people to change, even family or friends, is an art.

And this art takes time.

When we start preaching about our way of living (the way we know is SO much better for them) we have to remember to do so with respect and compassion towards that other person’s current lifestyle!

Without FIRST respecting their way of living and seeing the world, there’s no way they will take our way of living serious. They will have this blockage that keeps everything that comes out of your mouth from actually coming into their energy field.

The way to go about this artsy process, is to simply understand that EVERYONE’S at different stages, chapters, and levels of consciousness within their lives, and all stages are equally important to the evolution of growth.

I mean, by you not changing them last year, but instead this year, you actually helped them not miss a very crucial soul lesson that would later – naturally – put them in a space of “ascension”. People have to grow at their own pace. Soul growth CANNOT be forced by others!

Stop pushing “your truth” down their throat and start giving them space.

…By doing so, you inspire them to do the same, in their unique way and at the pace that suits them. And guess who’s going to ask you for advice when their finally ready to step out of delusion? THEM! But here’s the thing! You’re not going to be nonchalant about it, telling them “I told you so! FINALLY you’re coming to your senses!!! Geeez that took AGES!”! You’re going to be calm, grateful, empowering, so you don’t scare them away, lol! Remember, this is an art!

So, for those of you, me included, who really just want to help people live their most fulfilling and healthy lives, don’t push them to change! No one will change, unless they really WANT to change themselves! Keep doing you and let them come to you when they’re ready, and if not, that’s okay too!

I really feel like the BEST way to inspire people to a higher level of consciousness, is to not brag about your own, current state of being and living, just keep BEEING who you are, powerfully gentle, and people will sense (both consciously and unconsciously) how high you’re vibrating and how genuinely vibrant your spirit feels. And THAT’S going to make them feel very attracted to you and your way of life! This is scientifically proved btw, just sayin’! Haha!

“Before you go speaking your truth. Remember, honesty without compassion is brutal.” – Unknown


Aura Colours & Their Meaning In Your Life

You can understand a lot about a person by what their aura looks like. I just saw someone taking a picture of their aura and posted it on Instagram, which, I belive, was what guided me to get back into auras again after a while of not writing about it. EVERYONE has an aura, but not everyone knows how to see it.

The colour of your aura is a mirror of the vibrational frequency you’re currently on within your life. Remember, colours are really just vibrations. Your aura can change in a matter of seconds, simply by you changing your mental state and therefore also your vibration. However! Your most prominent colour stays with your for a long time – if not for life – and shows what type of person you are, almost like your personality type; it stays for your entire life, but you can grow and evolve within that specific personality type.

I hope that wasn’t too complicated explained, hehe! Please bare with me…

Let’s say your prominent colour is blue, and parts of your aura is yellow and a little bit of gray. The blue could mean that you’re a person who’s very nurturing, loving, welcoming, and spiritually driven, and the yellow could indicate that you’re playful and positive, but it could also be a sign of the need for guidance and spiritual growth. The gray part tells you that there’s a certain health issue, or a deep rooted trauma/energy pattern you need to look deeper into and take the time to heal.

You also have to take in consideration what tone of colour is showing up in a person’s energy field. The fun thing when it comes to learning about aura, is that there’s no ending to what you can learn, and when you read a person today, its aura can be drastically changed by next month, simply by the persons ability and power to change it’s old thinking patters and living a life that’s more in alignment with its soul purpose!


All in all, if you know how to read people and auras in particular, it’s a lot more that goes into finding answers, than simply reading the colours literally and trusting logic. When it comes to reading auras, it’s much more important to follow your intuition and take the whole person into consideration. That way you’ll get a much clearer and accurate reading of what the colours mean for each individual.


What The Health!

WOW! Where to begin?! So, last night I decided to watch the documentary “What the health”, and it’s the best decision I could’ve made! I even regret not writing this post immediately after watching the movie, just to gift you with ALL the (scarily) strong emotions that got fired up within me.

I already knew how the government is keeping us in it’s delusional world, but actually seeing it so close and raw, made me very angry and sad. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt anger like that. At one point I just wanted to SCREAM! It’s so unfair when people (the government) know the cure to save millions of lives, yet they keep feeding them (you, me, and other innocent “prisoners” of planet earth) with lies just to make themselves richer, which again keeps them in control.

We’ll keep living in their prison until we decide to wake up and look beyond the illusion we’ve bought into, year after year, decade after decade. It’s up to us now! We hold the power – each and everyone of us – to change how we’re being treated and how we’re living (or are we really living?)!

It might sound weird and even impossible, but it’s true! You CAN make a difference. “How?” By waking up to the truth and spreading the message with with love! Just like the people creating the documentary, and just like me and thousands of others who are currently sharing the truth with their family and friends, followers on social media, people on the street, and even bringing it up in a respectable and compassionate way whenever you talk to random people you meet during your day.

It’s all about planting a seed in the mind of the people who are still asleep…

I’m not going to get into the details of the movie, but I want to share some of the key points as to why I want you to do yourself a HUGE favour by watching the movie… Get ready to be “wowed”!

ॐ You’ll be motivated to do your part in changing the world

You’ll laugh at how easily we all have been fooled for decades

You’ll get relieved when you understand how easily you can CHANGE your destiny

ॐ You’ll finally open your eyes to why people are getting the diseases they are getting

You’ll feel a deep gratitude towards the Divine, holy, and luxurious fruits of nature

ॐ You’ll get inspired to optimise your health so that you can live beyond your potential

You’ll understand why you’ve been feeling the way you’ve been feeling your entire life

You’ll want to rethink everything you’ve been taught about food and health up until now

You’ll, hopefully, gain a whole lot more compassion towards Mother Earth and all her children

You’ll want to write down notes from the movie, notes that can save your own and your family and friends lives!

If you’re going to watch one movie this year, watch “What the health”!!! The documentary will for sure shock, inform, and anger you, but it will also wake you up, inspire, and motivate you towards living the life of your dreams! I watched it alone last night (taking a bunch of notes, hehe) when Anthony was snoring, but I’m going to watch it over again with him, because this movie is GOLD!

One last thing! This movie reminded me of how AMAZING it is living a vegan lifestyle! I mean, WOW! I’m so proud and grateful to know that I’m serving myself with the best of the best, while saving the planet and all the beautiful animals at the same time! 

GO WATCH IT and please let me know what it made you feel, think, and do! Watch it for free HERE!


Why Being Vegan Is GOLD For Empaths & HSP’S

Being vegan has A LOT to do with this blog! You know why? Simply because being vegan goes hand in hand with being an empath and highly sensitive. I can’t think of any diet or lifestyle that would suit me better than veganism. (and of course being on the spiritual path to self-realization!)

Being vegan has helped me in SO many beautiful ways! I’m forever grateful for my own body, who where the one telling me to make the Divine shift. I simply just listened to the needs of my body, which was letting go of all animal products and saying hello to fresh plants and a bunch of compassion. What a smart body, huh?! Haha, I’m messing with you! But for real, taking the time to listen to our bodies, is such a profound way to practice self-love and connect deeper with God.

Your body is MUCH smarter than you give it credit for! Your body is so incredibly intuitive. Once you give it a chance to have its own voice, you’ll be opened up to a whole new world of information and wisdom; one in which you’ll feel like a new person – inside and out! 

This morning (or after noon, hehehe) I baked some very yummy and fluffy cookies for breakfast. Both me and Anthony agreed that these were better than the ones from the store! How amazing is that? PLUS! These are healthy and SO easy to make! I wish I could give you the recipe, but I always bake and cook from improvisation. I just love trying out new flavours and textures! What I can tell you though, is the ingredients, and I’ll let you experiment with the rest. Okay?

…Such a delicious treat whenever your regular breakfast is boring you, or if you just want something sweet for the night time. When I lived in Norway I used to make these types of cookies whenever I had a sweet tooth at night, which was kinda often, hehe!

Let’s get back to the main reason for this post! What I wanted to focus on by showing you these cookies, was that being vegan is so much fun, it’s easy, and it brings so much joy into my life! Being highly sensitive, I’m obviously also highly sensitive to what I eat! Whenever I eat something, I genuinely FEEL the energy attached to the food, which automatically makes me feel a certain way.

Becoming vegan has helped me balance my emotions. The reason for veganism being a perfect fit for empaths and highly sensitive’s, is that we, normally, are more focused on the ethics behind what we consume, together with the actual ingredients of what we eat, than most others.

The cleaner, the better! The more cruelty free, the better! Right?! Who wants to consume low vibrational foods full of anxiety driven energy? Not me! Ideally, I want to consume high vibrational food that’s been grown organically and food that’s not gone through a long process in order to, finally, get into MY holy body.

What’s better than grabbing an apple from our own apple tree? You see! The easier, faster, and most natural way the food can be brought to us, the healthier it is! 

How veganism has helped me as a highly sensitive and gentle being: 

My emotions are more balanced

I’m more in tune with my intuition

I feel stronger and happier overall

My connection to God is way deeper

Reduced period (menstrual) cramps!

I have a lot more knowledge around food and health

I’m sooo much more creative when cooking and baking

I want to cuddle all the animals in the world, all the time!

I feel way more compassionate towards ALL living beings

No more headaches (the only time I get a headache is when I cheat with sugar…)

No more stomach aches (I used to have them everyday after dinner, ever since I was little!)


This is where I do my yoga in the morning. I’m so happy I’ve started doing yoga everyday with a clear intention as to WHY. Knowing my “why” has made me motivated to move my body regularly, and also to be more body-aware. I always ask myself, “why do I practice this or that, and why do I wan to eat this or that?” That way I get clear on the benefits of everything I do with and for my body.

How important is YOUR diet and lifestyle when being highly sensitive?


How My Vision Has Drastically Changed Since Last Year

The more I align with my soul, the more simple I want my life to be. The more I connect with God, the more I want to let go of almost everything I put on my vision board, just one year back in time… What used to make me feel excited before, simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you saw the vision board I’m talking about, you might remember that it had a bunch of Pinterest pictures of big, beautiful, and luxurious mansions, walk-in closets, you name it. It also included many parts of my current vision board, but all things materialistic has naturally fallen behind.

I don’t give a crap about big houses anymore, all I want is a HOME, and to me, a home is where I feel safe and  unconditionally loved. Don’t get me wrong! I still LOVE luxury, it’s just that my perception of the word “luxury” has changed. To me, nothing is more luxurious than:

…and I find that whenever I meditate now, I always see myself in some sort of green, tropical, and luscious nature, swinging in a hammock far, faaar away from the city. And that makes me feel HOME.

As much as I want to create a minimalistic lifestyle, I’m still the girly girl I’ve always been, the girl who loves beauty, fashion, and cute interior. And that’s okay too! I’m allowed to like whatever I like, even though I’m living a “spiritual lifestyle” and I’m constantly evolving within my soul journey. SO many girls message me about how they feel guilty for dressing up and wearing make-up, even after starting their spiritual journey.

The issue is never about the pretty dresses or the fierce make-up. It’s about the intention behind it. Do you doll up because it makes you feel good, because you love being creative, and because you feel more feminine. OR. Do you do it because you don’t feel “enough” without all the extra bling bing and because you’re worried guys won’t find you attractive as you are, naturally?! There’s a HUGE difference there…

I let myself play with make-up, dress up pretty, decorate our home with cute interior, because it’s in my nature to do so! Not because I feel like I HAVE to do it!

The way I look at my vision now, compared to a year ago, is that the only thing that really excites me and drives me to push forward, is the goals of fully love myself, connect deeper with God, grow stronger with my husband and create a happy family together, explore the parts of the world where my soul feels lead to visit, be free and live in bliss, keep watering the relationships I’ve created with my soul sister and soul brother, and really do everything simply because it makes me FEEL GOOD and that I simultaneously can serve the word!

So yeah, this is how my “Dream Sanctuary” Pinterest board is looking like right now. Bohemian, nature inspired, simple, cozy, dreamy, and with that free spirit touch, hehe! I love it!

I’m not telling you that I’m a completely different person than last year, and that I feel fully confident with myself, naturally. I don’t. It takes effort and it really is an everyday practise of self-love to accept oneself as who we are on ALL planes. Even though I’m a soul coach and I teach others to love themselves, I can’t tell you that I love myself fully – yet. To me, authenticity is more important than to create this “image” of how perfect I am, or that I love ALL parts of myself.

However… I’ve come a long way and a lot of my old insecurities have faded away with the conscious practises of self-love and giving in to God. Simply focusing more on my soul essence and how much I appreciate my eternal Self, has made me feel less of a slave to my ego Self and the “need” for being perfect.

Nothing makes me feel better than reconnecting with my true Self! It’s so much fun looking back seeing the beautiful changes that has happened in my life thanks to my daily effort of practising letting go of fear and giving in to love.


Why Practice Yoga?

Lately my body has been screaming; screaming to be seen, loved, and taken care of. Yoga has, over and over again, popped up into my awareness this year. Either in a tarot card, a YouTube video, an article, on my FB wall, in my dreams, and in the books I read, even without my conscious decision to go out of my way to search for it.

I think it’s time. 

It’s time to deepen my understanding for yoga and why my Higher Self is lining me up with the word yoga, over and over again. Yes, I’ve been doing yoga for a few months, but not with the same intent as I’m about to start doing it from here on out! I used to do it because it felt good, it was fun, calming, it made me practice stillness and focus, while also being a great source of strength building.

Now, I’m looking deeper. I’m starting to understand the real benefits of yoga, not just as an incredible workout practice, but as a spiritual tool to gain a deep connection with God and my Divine Self. 

To me, it’s hard being motivated to do stuff. It really is. I never get motivated by watching a “motivational video” on YouTube, or by someone else telling me I “should” do it. It has to be an internal CRAVING to do a certain thing. It must be my own inner motivation that pushes me to do something, and for a greater purpose. I rarely do things to do them, or to simply “try it out”.

I love to go deeper into EVERYTHING that I do. And now, that’s yoga. I really feel that yoga is going to be the next thing I’m focusing on within my soul journey and on my path to self-realization.

why practice yoga?

When I do my research, both from external (books, articles, videos…) and internal sources (meditation), as to why, let’s say yoga, would benefit my spirituality, that’s when I make myself motivated to start doing the thing! It’s not until I’ve fired up my whole being with enough internal motivation, that I REALLY get exited to get started!

Are you with me? You have to really feel the URGE to do it (whatever thing you want to practice) yourself. It has to be an intuitive feeling of THIS is the right thing to do for ME because (insert deep, meaningful reason why), and I’m doing it NOW because I want to, not because someone else is doing it, or telling me to do it! 

As I’m already a dedicated vegan and meditator, I can’t see why I’ve not dived deeper into Yoga until now… Everything comes into my life at the right time and I guess now was the time to take my spirituality to another level! Everything I’ve read about yoga the last month alone, has convinced me that this is a practice I’m willing to dedicate my time, focus, energy, and will into!

“Yoga is primarily a spiritual discipline. So often the mind can’t concentrate simply because of tension or illness in the body, which prevent the energy from flowing to the brain. Yoga works primarily with the energy in the body, through the science of energy-control. The ordinary person’s energy is locked in his body. The lack of availability of that energy to his will, prevents him from loving the Lord one-pointedly, with any of the three other aspects of his nature: heart, mind, or soul. – Yogananda

(Artist: Hannah Adamaszek. Instagram HERE!)

So, why practice yoga? For me, it’s to deepen the awareness of my own body, become stronger and healthier, open my chakras, boost my creativity, deepen my connection with God, and push myself to concentrate on a practise that involves my mind, body, and soul equally.

“Don’t expect to win God’s response until you can sit still and hold your mind open and attentive to His presence within. – Yogananda


How To Love Everyone – Even Your Enemies

Step 1 to loving anyone at all, is to look beyond their personality and into their soul essence.

Step 2 to loving anyone at all, is to understand that you don’t have to like them to love them.

Look outside of both yourself and the person you don’t like, don’t understand, or have grown to look at as an “enemy”. Then, look out into the universe; at the bigger picture. When it comes down to it, you and your “enemy” are the same consciousness. You are cut from the same source; the source of love. The only thing making the two of you not love eachother, is the fact that God gave you the human concept called “ego”. Ego being the part of you who makes you believe in the illusion that you’re separate from one another.


Both of you have simply forgotten your true essence (love and oneness) and the fact that you’re a soul, and not just a human avatar with an ego to protect.

When you start looking at the bigger picture and slowly but surely remember who you REALLY are, you’ll simultaneously start to understand that your “enemy” is just another version of yourself looking at life through a different lense, while living on a different timeline.

He or she is simply another version of you that is manifested into your existence to teach you a lesson you’ve unconsciously been asking to be taught. Maybe this person is your soulmate – a part of your soul group – who’s here to teach you about acceptance and forgiveness.

What part of you is being triggered by this person? Why do you think that is? Look deeper and try to understand the reasoning behind the actions and behaviour of this person, and why this is making you feel bad. Whenever there’s something you don’t like about someone else, check in with yourself. It’s impossible to attract someone or something in your life, that’s not a match to how you are feeling, or being.

People you attract are either a mirror of your healed self, or the mirror of your suppressed self.

Instead of  looking for differences between you and that other person, try finding the similarities. Always look for similarities! Even thought the similarities are few, you both are made up of the same elements and with the same intention; to be a part of the expansion and enlightenment of the universe. You don’t have to like them, or even want to associate yourself with them, but you’re doing yourself a huge favour if you try to understand them, forgive them, and love them unconditionally, as they were another version of yourself, which in fact, is the ultimate truth.

Loving your enemies means loving yourself.

“Human suffering is not a sign of God’s anger with the world. It is a sign, rather, of man’s ignorance of the Divine law.” – Yogananda

If you don’t love everyone, you don’t love yourself. “What are you talking about?” You are ONE, remember? Everything in this universe is connected. You can’t hate one part of the universe, then think that that won’t affect you. When you project hate towards someone or something, you’re also projecting hate towards yourself.

Love everyone, simply because they’re a part the universe at large. Love them because the universe is what it is, and the universe is always perfect. Love them, not for what they do, but for being a part of it ALL,  for being a version of you, a version you’re yet to understand and heal. Ultimately, where there’s love there’s room for a deeper understanding.


Our Weekend In Pictures

My favourite thing to do, is to spend time with Anthony. I mean, whatever we do, we always have a great time! There’s never a day that goes by without us crying laughing, which is one of the things I’m most grateful for in life!

Yesterday we had the best time! When we finished working, we went out to eat THE best Chinese food EVER! I’m not joking, I would eat there everyday if I could, Anthony knows, haha! The food was so good, I forgot to take pictures……. Next time, maybe;-)

I actually got to do two of my favourite things yesterday! Chinese food aaaand TARGET! Who else love going there?! They have so many cute, little things, and I just want to get it all! Especially the things from the interior and office section. I feel like going to Target is the perfect “mindless” activity to get your brain off everything else, hehe!

When we got home A got the board game ready while I was making the house all cute with scented candles. Ahh, I just love the vibe that comes with the night time… As A said in his Instagram post last night, we don’t have a TV, and you know what? I haven’t even given it a thought. It’s like TV’s never existed in the first place. Feels good!

Gosh, I love him SOOO much it hurts! Thank you for all that you are and for all that you do for us, Anthony!

The perfect day ended with movies and popcorn in bed.

This morning we slept in, and it felt ahhhmazing! Then, first thing after waking up, we ate yummy vegan pancakes. We used to have pancakes every Sunday, but it seems like it’s happening a more often lately… Oh well, it’s fine with me, hehe! Do you like our new “Mr & Mrs” kitchen towel? It’s too cute!


I’m so excited for the weeks to come! My family is coming to Florida in two weeks (I’m going to squeeze my brother so hard!), and before that me and A are going to New Jersey to attend Tony Robbins’ UPW, which is going to be such a life changing time! We’ll also see A’s family again, as they live in New Jersey, so that’ll be a lot of fun too! Can’t wait to take you with me though my blog!

I hope you’re having a peaceful and replenishing weekend wherever you are. Sending you so much love & light!


So, How About A Life Update?

Where to start…

I haven’t been blogging since last summer, and I miss it A LOT. Yeah, I’ve been writing articles, which I looove, but I want to share more of my personal life with you as well. I mean, I love writing, I love taking pictures, I love creating cute posts hehe, I love sharing my soul journey, and I’m certain that by me sharing my ups and downs – authentically – I can help someone else! (Aaand it’s pretty healing too, let’s not forget about that!)

So, how about a little life update? (Incase you need more than just Facebook, Instagram, and Insta-story updates, haha!)

I really don’t know how to express my gratitude with words, but creating a home with the man I love, is a like a dream come true times 4674539!!! I wake up everyday feeling so grateful and blessed. Nothing feels better than being at peace, and sharing that peace with the person who loves you unconditionally. I could’ve never before been able to imagine how magical this feels…

Waking up to Anthony kissing my neck and holding me so close, everyday, is such a gift. I vow to NEVER forget to appreciate everyday moments like that…

Nope, it hasn’t been all “milk and honey”, we’ve also experienced some very turbulent days. Or, I have, Anthony has been the one staying calm in the storm, per usual. I bet he didn’t quite knew what he got into when he decided he wanted to marry an INFJ, haha!

My empathic abilities have deepened a lot since I moved from Norway, and I have to say, America has got some strong ass energies. I’ve had a few days where I’ve struggled with keeping my energy and emotions under control, simply because I’ve been allowing myself to take in too much of the emotions of others, I’ve let uncertainty get to me, and I’ve been living from past conditions.

And you know what? I’m so grateful I got to experience that. You see, when those darker days appeared, I simply HAD to dive deeper into my spirituality and reconnect with my Self; the part of me that knows God.

I can say with certainty that I haven’t grown, spiritually, as much in a year as I’ve done these past three months, and I’m not exaggerating. Mmmm… It feels so good! The best part of it all, is that I now have Anthony by my side – both spiritually AND physically – who FULLY respects and honours my sensitivity! He make sure I get enough rest, that I don’t eat the foods that makes me feel bad, and holds me when I’m in need of comfort. I’m in awe of how easily he sees and understands me, without experiencing any of the emotions I feel.

Earlier today, like everyday, we did a meditation session, holding hands and breathing together in this beautiful energy of love and safety that we so proudly have created. I’m so grateful that we can do practises like that together, it makes us so much stronger, both individually and as a team!

One of the things we’ve decided on after moving in together, is that our home is one of:

Unconditional Love

Spiritual growth









…and that’s exactly the way it’s going to stay!

The practices that helped me get back in to centre and create pace within my mind, are:

Reading mind-blowing books like “The Essence Of Self-Realization” by Yogananda

Knowing that everything is happening exactly as it should

Consciously choose happiness over worry

Talking to my best friend and soul brother

Living in the moment and accept it as it is

Writing down and feel out my gratitudes

Letting myself be held by Anthony

Visualisation and deep breathing

Meditate one-two times a day

Be out in nature


The number one thing that makes all the intense ups and downs of a sensitive soul worth it, is that in essence, we know that it’s all rooted in  P u r e  L o v e  and everything is happening for a  G r e a t e r  cause. We simply just have to remember the true essence of all life, which is love, and the true meaning of life, which is finding God.

To be continued…