We Heard Our Baby’s Heartbeat Today!

It’s been soooo surreal! The whole idea that I’m carrying another human being inside my stomach! Ahh… Today it finally started to feel a little bit more real, though! We went to the doctors again and we finally got to hear the little baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I wanted to cry and cry and cry.

Once we heard it, Anthony grabbed my hand and we both laughed and said “IT’S SO CUUUUTE!” Hahah! This baby had a fast and strong heartbeat, which indicates we’re having a healthy, happy and wild little baby, hehe! I’m so happy and fulfilled. I wish I could cuddle and kiss with my little baby NOW! 

On our way home from the doctors, I was making the craziest sounds of excitement, and Anthony, of course, screamed of excitement, haha! I had to calm him down, to not scare the baby… But who am I fooling?! The baby better get used to its loud dad soon enough, right?! I’m just so grateful that Anthony is excited, nothing is more important, really.

I didn’t even know if we would make it to the hospital in time today, because my nausea was so bad this morning and I just kept throwing up my breakfast. Sorry for the details… This is pregnancy for you!

In my next post I will share a little snippet of what I’ve written in our baby’s journal so far. Maybe I’ll share my first thoughts after finding out I was pregnant!?

Almost every night I sit down in bed and write the baby a little something. It could be what we did that day, some words of encouragement, how excited I am, my deepest and most honest thoughts about becoming a mum, and even some of the worries that has been spinning around, not just from being pregnant, but from life in general. I think it will be a cute little book to read with our child as it grows up:-)

And by the way! We’re in week 11 <3 Can’t wait for the second trimester! I’m praying for a release of pain, hehe.

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7 Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned The Past Month

1. The first and most important lesson that I’ve really practiced and passed on to others, is this:

Trust (trust starts within your own Self, not in others) creates a space for vulnerability, which opens up for authenticity, which then allows real intimacy to occur, which again will help you manifest a deep soul connection with that other person, and a connection like that creates MAGIC and beautiful changes and wild evolutions.

2. Forgiveness over resentment: forgiveness is hard. It can NOT be forced. Have some mercy. When I try forgiving people who have wronged me, or even forgive myself for the pain I’ve let myself experience, I ask for help. I ask God to help me heal the pain of those who did me wrong, while also helping me heal my own woulds by focusing on forgiving, letting go, and seeking understanding instead of holding on to the resentment towards old happenings. Forgiveness will ALWAYS take you further than what resentment will! Forgive for the sake of your own wellbeing.

3. Self-respect and self-worth: YES! I need to continuously remind myself of my own worth and how important it is to respect myself before ANYONE else! Now, more than ever, has this been crucial! I’m a grown woman for God’s sake! It’s time to stand up for myself and know what I deserve.

4. Let go of the need for control and perfectionism: …and just let life frikkin’ happen!!! Who am I to push God in any direction when he already knows the best road to my destination. When we have a need for control in our adulthood it mirrors moments in our childhood where we had no control and needed to cling to whatever place in our life where we could have some type of control to feel safe. So, it all really goes back to inner child work. Doesn’t it always, haha?!

5. Love deeper: I’ve learned that giving more of myself and really letting people see my pain, creates a space for them to be more vulnerable too, which again leads us to a place within our heart where we can love each other deeper and more profound. Love feels so good. And sharing it with others is the best feeling in the world. Love is the ONLY thing we’ll contemplate about on our deathbed anyway… Who do you love and honour? How are you showing it? 

6. Replenish: Listening to my body and valuing my mental health has been so, so important lately. And the best way I could do that, has been to take it reeeeaaal slow. Sometimes doing nothing is the most Divine thing we can do for ourselves. As long as it feels right, it IS right. If all you did today was existing, you’ve done a great job! Thank you for being there; for really showing up for yourself. Being there and listening to your emotions, observing your thoughts floating by, and just breathing, now that’s something more people need to put off some extra time on their calendar for.

7. Pray: As I’ve had a little though season as of lately, I’ve turned to prayer a lot more frequently than usual. And let me tell you, when I’ve been doing more praying, I’ve noticed a huge increase in both mental answers and relieves of physical pain. I’ve felt so much more connected. The most amazing thing that came out of all this, is that I no longer shame myself for “taking” valuable minutes of God’s time. Earlier I’ve struggled with not feeling worthy of God’s blessings and precious time, just because I felt others needed his help more. Now, I know that he’s here, in all of us, available 24/7, and all we have to do is open ourselves up to his healing.

It’s Finally “Snuggle Up Season”!

I absolutely LOVE cozy sweaters, and now is the perfect time to cuddle up with your favourite, warm sweater. Even in Florida it’s been cooler the last couple of weeks. I love it! Mostly because it allows me to wear jeans and cute fall sweaters.

I’m so exited for my new sweater to get here, and I can’t wait to show you how adorable it is, haha! I mean, I have to (at least) try keeping up with my husbands AMAZING wardrobe lmao! He has so many cool clothes, and I left ALL my cute fall items back in Norway thinking I would neeeever get them to use in Florida… Ehm, I was wrong…

Btw, if someone told me a few years ago that I was going to meet a man with a bigger wardrobe than me, I would NEVER believe them!

I’ve found my favourite snuggly sweaters for fall. All of them are under $35 each! Nothing is better than finding cute clothes for a good price. At least for me, now that I don’t really priorities fashion as much as I used to (I used to be crazy). But a few new items for each season is ALWAYS fun! 

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This Is Where I’m Currently At On My “Get Real Journey”

You don’t know what authenticity is, until you REALLY practice it and it feels EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I thought I knew what authenticity was when I started watching videos and reading articles about it a few years ago. But boy was I wrong…

It’s actually not until now that I really feel like I KNOW what authenticity is. I mean, REAL, RAW authenticity. Not the world that’s being thrown around without a real meaning behind it. It takes time to be authentic, at least for most of us. Some are born without the “ego filter” that makes us scared of being authentic.

Take a person who’s always brutally honest, or someone with autism for instance, they’re always authentic. We have a lot to learn from them! They don’t filter themselves, even though it can be hard for them to express themselves in a way that most will understand. (Simply because we’re too programmed to only get our way of being…)

Most of us get very scared and uncomfortable when in conversations with people who are authentic. You know why? Because that makes us feel like we have to be authentic as well, and that’s something we’ve never really had to do before. What we’re best at, is hiding behind our masks (our ego). You know, where it’s “safe”.

The funniest thing about people who have the hardest time being authentic, is how they look at the ones who really are authentic, and especially those who don’t give a crap about how they’re being received, am I right? The way they’re being looked at, is as if they’re CRAZY, or even mentally ill. How sad is that? It’s sad and funny at the same time. It’s funny because it’s so twisted!

I saw a lady once who were SO in touch with her soul. It was beautiful! She was what I like to call “godly”. She had no fear of being herself; ALL of her was being expressed in the most unusual ways, but it were HER ways! And there was NO shame in sight. I could just sense how uncomfortable she made the other people, but to me, she was very inspiring.

I know I couldn’t be like that in a million years (okay maybe in a few lifetimes), but if I could be half or even 30% as authentic as her, I would be so proud of myself and I’m sure I would feel so, so free! Thank you to all of you who are sharing your authentic selves with the world, so the rest of us (the ones of us who are a liiittle late to the party) can get pushed to be friends with our ego and let our soul shine through as well! 

It takes REAL confidence to be authentic, and it does NOT happen in a day. It takes practise and dedication. You have to commit to the journey of becoming who you really are and take a new leap of faith every day. We’re all doing our best! I really do believe that.

I believe the reason that many of us are not being authentic in our relationships with our family, friends and partnerships, is because we’re scared of hurting people with the truth, and we’re scared of not being enough (not being loved) if we show them who we really are, beneath our ego (the person we so delicately have been building and shaping so perfectly to be seen exactly how we wish to be seen.)

Just remember this: if we keep being scared of authenticity, we will only hurt ourself by trying to not hurt others by being a fake version of ourselves. The truth will always be revealed, and if not, we have to be okay with living a lie, something that scares the life out of me! We’re also not able to create the deep and intimate relationships we’ve always been longing for, because intimacy will not happen without the vulnerability to be authentic.

Being married and starting to create deep, spiritual friendships has FORCED me to be more authentic. I can’t filter everything that goes out of my mouth anymore… Being REAL has been one of the hardest and most terrifying things I’ve ever done, but also one of the most freeing and beautiful things too! I’m proud of where I am now, even though I have a LOOONG way to go still.

Do you dare letting people see your pain, your weaknesses, and your real desires? Do you dare telling them to meet your needs? Do you dare starting uncomfortable conversations that makes you cringe, but ultimately makes you feel so much closer to the other person?

10 Truths About Me // Soul Level

💜  I’m a passionate writer. I just love the healing benefits of writing and the way it makes me feel. The easiest way for me to get into a flow state, is by sitting down and start writing from my soul. Aaand I also hope I get to touch the hearts and souls of those who read my words. My dream is to live off of my books alone. Read about my first book HERE!

💜 I’m the biggest homebody there is. You see, I’m an empath, Infj, highly sensitive, and old soul. Perfect combo for a real homebody huh? I rarely leave our home unless Anthony says we’re going for dinner, haha! (I’m just as food motivated as our dog…) Solitude is my best friend! No wonder why I meet my husband the way I did…

💜  I’m married to the man I fell in love with in a Facebook group. Yep, there it is, haha! I met my husband, Anthony, a little over two years ago. After way too long with skype dating (he lived in New Jersey and I lived in Norway), we’ve now moved in together in a gorgeous apartment in our favourite city, and we’re married! …Let me tell you, marriage can teach you A WHOLE LOT about yourself, on all levels, haha! Marriage is a beautiful, sacred thing, it really is, but I’m not going to lie, it takes a lot of work on both ends! I never thought anyone would be able to get me to challenge my own ego and comfort zone as much as he has done!

💜  I’m very uncomfortable in conflicts. I can’t stand conflicts of ANY kind, it makes me SICK! No matter how much I work on my personal boundaries, there’s just something deeeep within me that gets triggered when there’s disharmony within any of my relationships! I can’t even stand it when I hear someone else are having a conflict. I just want everyone to be calm, is that too much to ask, lol! The thing I have learned though, is to push myself. In the sense that I’m not avoiding people and the truth, just to keep the harmony. Because, after all, there’s no harmony in neglecting a conversation that should’ve been started long ago.

💜  I’ve always been obsessed with beauty, fashion, and interior. I used to run a fashion blog and had so much fun doing it, but it didn’t satisfy my need for going deeper as a writer. I needed a platform where I could write on soul level to people who understood on that same level, which forced me to change my whole way of working and writing, so I could reach out to the right audience; YOU! I love my community SO much<3 Finding a balance between inner and outer beauty has been a challenge, but now I feel like I’m in a good place!

💜  I’ve been vegan for almost two years. Being plant based is the best decision EVER! It feels so amazing to be able to gift myself with the best, and also knowing that I’m not harming any animals or our Divine Mother Earth. I’m so grateful that I get to raise my future children on this self-loving diet!!! I wish I started earlier, that’s all I have to say about veganism! Read about my favourite benefits of being vegan HERE!

💜  I have a FEW, close friends, that I love and admire so, so much! I’ve never been one with lots of friends. It takes time for me to open up to people, but when I do, and it’s the perfect match between me and the other person, we connect deeply. I actually told my cousin this today, that I never really thought I would ever need friends. As long as I had God, I was fine. But now that I’ve created these beautiful bonds with some very unique souls, I see how wrong I was. Real friendships are a gift from God to help us expand. “We never have to go though things alone” – my cousin, Frida. I love her so much!

💜  I’m suffering from the famous perfectionist syndrome. For those of you who’s read my book, already know how much my perfectionism has made me suffer. I’ve worked on it and it’s A LOT better now, thank God, but it’s still a huge part of my life. I acknowledge it and keep doing my work to be softer on myself every day. If the universe is perfect and I’m a part of the universe, that does make me perfect as well, doesn’t it? 😉 I’m trying, haha!

💜  My dream is to own a ranch. Ahh, the thought of living on a ranch far from any other house or city makes my soul happy! I would have horses and other farm animals there for my children to play with. Oh yeah, another dream is to have two children of “my own” and then adopt a child. I can just imagine myself sitting on our porch writing another book as our children are playing with all our pets and their daddy, haha! As I see it, being a mother would be one of the biggest gifts in life. Nothing is more important than a mothers bond with her children. Let’s raise a generation of unconditional loving and conscious souls!

💜 I’ve vowed to be more real. Ever since I was little I’ve had a tendency to not be authentic. Just because that could get me into trouble, which would make me a “bad person”. So instead of telling people the truth, I told people what I though they needed to hear. Simply to, again, keep the harmony. I’m so tired of neglecting my own voice for the sake of others! Which is why I’m very focused on practising authenticity, vulnerability, self-expression, and self-love. Message me if this is you, I have a soul work exercise for you! 

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How To Fight The Flu, Naturally

My husband caught the flu last weekend and it was scary to see how bad he was feeling. I knew he was going to get better and that it was “only” the flu, however, all you want to do when someone’s sick, is to help them heal as fast as possible. The thing with being sick, is that the number one thing to understand, is that we won’t heal fast if we push ourselves to feel better.

I believe that when we accept the illness and really take the time our body needs – naturally – to heal and rid itself from the bacterias, that’s when everything goes a lot smoother! It’s really all about showing up for ourselves and being there 100%, the way a parent would for its little child. When we’re adults we forget how important it is to take care of the child within. 

Give yourself some slack. Replenish. Sleep in. Watch Netflix. Eat warm soups. Drink tea. Allow yourself to not anser all the pending messages on your phone. Let the world go on without you for a few days, haha. Be still. HEAL.

As I write this, I’m in bed waiting for Anthony to get back, so we can watch a movie and drink tea together. Even though he told me to take a nap, because yes, I caught the flu too, I really want to just chill and watch a movie… Sleeping gets boring too, you know, haha.

Watch —> THIS <— video to get some AMAZING tips on how to heal yourself when you’re sick. I love how more and more people are turning to nature medicine and old remedies in order to heal their bodies the way it deserved to be healed. It’s so beautiful!

Want To Know How I Connect With My Spirit Guides?

For those who are a part of my loving community on FB, already know that I’ve created a free guide with 8 steps on how to connect with spirit guides. The exercise I’m sharing in the guide, is the exact one I use myself when I’m channeling, or before I do my readings.

If you want to receive the guide and also be a part of my free Facebook group, where we discuss topics like twin flame love, spiritual development, spirit guides, numerology, self-love, higher consciousness, life purpose, astrology, and personality types, you’re more than welcome!

I would love to connect with more like minded souls who are on their own path within their soul journey! Most of the people in my group are light workers, creatives, empaths, highly sensitives, and intuitives. I’m excited to have you on board with us to share your own story, ask questions, share informative links and thoughts, or simply observe what we discuss within the group!

When you join the group —> HERE! <— I will send you the free guide on how YOU can connect with your spirit guides. Everyone have the ability and opportunity to connect with their spirit guides, it’s not just for the psychics or intuitive ones. As long as you have a strong desire to connect and are willing to practise, you’ll certainly will make it happen!


An Important Reminder For The Crazy Perfectionist

The days of the perfectionists are over. There, I said it. It hurts a little huh? (Or maybe not? Maybe you’ve been ready to step into the REAL you for way too long…) I used to be the craziest perfectionist, I still am to some degree, but I’ll say with cerdtanty that I’ve overcome my worst tendencies. Hallelujah!

The new way of living and being is though authenticity by, again, operating though our Divine Self. It’s said that “No one’s perfect.” I totally get what they mean. HOWEVER! I fully and completely believe we’re all born perfect! We’re created just as we should be.

Therefore, all that we create – if we create out of our pure soul essence – is created perfectly. When we try to put on this mask to be perfect while doing everything “perfectly”, we fail to be authentic. We’re not delivering what the world needs. We’re delivering what we think the world needs. Let’s stop doing that!

I see it more and more; people who stand up for what they believe in and share their inner most truths with the world. There’s something so healing about watching all these pure souls rise up, and at the same time inspire millions of others along the way. Being “perfect”, in the sense that we’re used to look at it, is not inspiring to me. AT ALL. It’s boring.

What inspires me, is the voice and creations of authentic and raw people. It makes my heart beat a little faster. It makes me want to let go of so many old beliefs about myself. It makes me want to share my darkest secrets, just because the darkness within us, when shared, becomes the most beautiful parts of us.

Dear, perfectionist. You don’t have to work on your perfectionism. You are perfect. Relax a little, will you?

I spent over a month when I created my first free “mini online course”. A course I could’ve spent only two weeks creating. You know why I spent over a month? I was OBSESSED with my course being 💛 p e r f e c t 💛 I had to have the perfect pictures, the perfect quotes, the perfect exercises, the perfect headlines; perfect EVERYHTING!

I could’ve just done it from my heart and made an amazing course within two weeks, and no one would’ve even guessed that something could’ve been done better. Because, when we see the work of others, we don’t judge, at least not the way we judge the work of ourselves. So, my course was more for me, to prove myself that I had the ability make everything perfect, when the course really was meant for people to improve the relationships with themselves. What an irony, huh?

Now, when I create, I create for the benefit of those who receive it. Not to prove anything for myself. When we’re obsessed with our work being perfect, we’re focusing on ourselves and not the things we should be focusing on. Things like, making sure our work is empowering, authentic, and inspirational. When we focus on the right aspects of our work and our skills, we have the power to change lives within shorter periods of time! 

How To Get Your Needs Met – Without Manipulation

Getting our needs met is crucial to live a happy life.

However. Most of us find it EXTREMELY hard to tell the people in our lives what we need from them, in order to feel good, let alone be honest with ourselves about what we need in order to feel a certain way.

Instead of manipulating (we all do this, both consciously and unconsciously) people to meet our needs, simply because we don’t know how to ask for our needs to be met, we can go about it in a different, more healthy way.

Is this you?

☯️ Are you working very hard in school, not necessarily for your own sake, but to impress your parents? And by impressing them, through the level of your grades, they finally give you the attention and words of affirmations you’ve been craving for months, maybe even years?

☯️ Maybe you go as far as hurting yourself, by stabbing your foot in the door, cutting your arm, acting sick, or doing other harmful things to yourself, solely to make your parents/friends/partner sit close to you (you’re craving touch and intimacy) and maybe even ask you some “concerning” questions. Just so you can feel like you matter again?

☯️ You might also do things like giving your partner back massages, showering them with compliments, asking to help them, or even guilt tripping them to set off some time for you. That way they might actually feel guilty for receiving so much attention from you and not giving anything back, that they now feel like they have to give you something in return?

Does this sound familiar?

If you’re like me and you crave physical affection, isn’t it better to say that you need your parter to hold your hand in public and be more intimate at home, than to give them the famous “silence treatment” or even being passive aggressive towards them for weeks, without ever verbally telling them what you need?

Of course it is!

However, I know for sure I’ve used a few “not so healthy” techniques multiple times myself! Not that it worked out so well, nor did the attention I received felt real, and I can’t really say it lasted either. At least I got some sort of attention, right?!

“I would rather weep in silence, than ask someone I knew didn’t want to spend time with me, to actually spend time with me.”

We want people to WANT spending time with us, not doing it like some sort of charity. This is the main reason it’s so hard to ask people to meet our needs. We don’t want to push our partner to spend more time with us, that’s just weird. We want them to go out of their way to create space in their calendar for us, no matter how much attention their work craves.

In most cases, the people in our lives don’t even know that we need a certain thing from them!

How can my husband know I need him to be more affectionate when I never ask him to be? How can my friends know that I need more alone time, when I never tell them I do? How can my brother know that I need him to participate more in the house, when I clean up everything before he even have the chance to get to it?

You see, in order to have our needs met, we have to let people know that there is a need in the first place!

When going about getting your needs met, there’s a few things to consider:

🕉 Admitting to yourself that you have a need, and looking into why this need is so important to you

🕉 Not shaming yourself for having that need, because all needs are there for a reason to be taken seriously

🕉 Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and gentle when opening up to your family/friends/partner about your needs

🕉 Having compassion for the other person’s perspective and why they haven’t met your needs earlier

🕉 Committing to being more open and honest about your needs, not only with others, but also with yourself

🕉 Being willing to meet the needs of OTHERS, as they are now, consciously, working towards meeting YOUR needs

It’s A LOT easier to meet people’s needs when you know more about them! Study them. Find out what they need when in pain, in depression, and in stress. Be a specialist in knowing what they need to feel loved, valued, and special. Make sure you know their love languages. Read up on their personality type. Ask their friends and family for tips on how to treat them the best way possible during all their seasons.

It’s so much better to ask, authentically, for people to meet your needs, and doing so without coming across as demanding. Let them know that you love and appreciate when your partner takes the time out of their day to be present with you, ask you how you feel, and also what he or she can do to make you feel better. Always talk positively and with the flow. 

No matter what you do, never go about it in an aggressive way. Don’t say things like: “I hate that you never spend time with me anymore! All you care about is this or that!” Instead, say things like “I love it when we do funny things together! It means so much to me! Remember the time when we…”

I mean, you get what you give. If you want love and can’t seem to receive any, stop whining about not ever receiving any love. Instead, start giving love in as many forms as possible, to as many people as possible! Never fall in the trap of thinking thoughts like: “I never get the love I deserve, therefore, I will not give love either.” This train of though will keep you in a state of resistance, lack, and negativity, and will not help you in getting your need for love met.

Be honest. What are some of the “not so good” techniques you’ve used in the past, or are still using, to get your needs met?

Magical Benefits Of Essential & Natural Oils

The first time I used oil for my skin, was when I used coconut oil for E V E R Y T H I N G (and still do, haha!) It just felt so refreshing and natural, instead of all the other products I normally would put onto my skin. When I then saw how amazingly the coconut oil worked (again, for everything), I stated researching other oils for beauty purposes…

I came to the conclusion that jojoba oil was THE oil for my skin, and it cleared up my breakouts and my oily t-zone in just a few days! Morning and night, after washing my face with coconut oil and making sure my face is all dry, I apply a pump of jojoba oil and let it really sink into my skin.

Yesterday, I found a new bottle of jojoba oil as A and I was going shopping, and I was SO happy, haha! I haven’t used jojoba oil for my skin for 6 months. While we was shopping I also found what everyone is talking about these days, TEA TREE OIL! Guess who got a bottle?! You’re right; ME!

essential oils

Tea tree oil is said to be THE oil for beauty, for SO many reasons! Here are some of the benefits of my new found beauty gem:

✨ Can clear breakouts within ONE DAY! (Let it work throughout the night)

✨ Locks in your hair shells and makes sure your hair looks smooth and healthy

✨ Mix tea tree oil with coconut oil and baking soda for an amazing homemade toothpaste

✨ Heals cold-sores, infections and other bruises/cuts, together with psoriasis and eczema

✨ Works as an anti inflammatory for your skin and makes sure your redness and bumps go down

✨ Amazing to use as deodorant together with coconut oil and your favourite essential oil “perfume”

Make sure that you know which one of the tea tree oils you can put straight on your skin. If not, you’ll feel a burning sensation. I always mix it with my jojoba oil or coconut oil.

A good friend of mine reminded me of how important it is to be aware of what we put on our bodies. “If you wouldn’t want to put it in your mouth you shouldn’t put it on your body either!” I’m definitely not there yet. However, I’m getting there… Therefore, I’ve switched out my normal perfume (which, yes, fucks with my hormones) with 15 drops of my favourite essential oil (Goddess) and a tea spoon of coconut oil. I keep the little bottle with me everywhere!


A and I also started diffusing oils in our living room (he keeps one in his office as well) for different benefits such as:

💛 Relief of stress and anxiety

💛 Deeper and more relaxed sleep

💛 Calming and healing vibrations

💛 It help us breath easier and more deeper

💛 Boost our energy and make us feel renewed and refreshed

💛 Improves our cognitive functions and makes sure our brains are more alert

💛 Clear the air of old energy and unhealthy bacterias we bring with us from outside

There are oils for whatever benefit you’re looking for! Do your research! I also know that certain essential oils can drastically reduce menstrual pain (come to mama!)